’s survey shows that most entrepreneurs would like to work from their home. However, working from home has its pros and cons. Building a successful home based business requires dedication, discipline and smart strategies. Here are five best tips from successful entrepreneurs.
1. Use Social Media the Right Way – The social media is there not just for accumulating followers but for socializing with like minded people. The followers are not prizes to be collected and shown off. Be social on social media and connect with people who impact your business directly or indirectly.
2. Build Relationships – The most successful entrepreneurs are those that reach out to people and build relationships. When people reach out to you on social media, get back to them. Reply to their queries as genuinely as you can. Everyone is a potential customer and treat them as such. If you are reaching out to an expert, then you need to come across as an authentic person. Experts will help you but they would also want to know how you can help them back. When you do something for someone, they will do much for you. Relationship is a two way street.
Forget templates that have been taken off the internet. Be genuine; brainstorm with your partner and friends for an authentic template. You are not a robot and using a standard template will not help you connect with people who matter.
3. Start Networking over Phones – Social media and Email help promote business but you need to reach out to people over the phone. Pick up the phone, call people and talk. That will achieve much more than any impersonal email or a chat over social media. Folks have to realize that you are the genuine thing.
4. Be your own Selling Tool – Have you ever gone ahead and bought or invested in something because you liked a sales pitch? Learn from such advertisements. Be your own selling tool. Transfer your emotions and passion for your business and get it across to other people. Convey your passion and enthusiasm through your voice. This will compel people to believe you and relate to you. Your ability to relate to people can turn them from potential customers to clients.
5. Be Frugal - Make sure that you don’t get carried away and set up a fancy office. You are there to earn profits and so your office can be frugal. Try to combine vacations with work. Hire an accountant who knows how to manage your books and can steer you towards the right path. Also, don’t mix household expenses with your work expenses. Keep them separate and get business deductions wherever you can.
Finally, focus on how you can make money quickly. When you are choosing a home business, focus on what you can do with minimum capital. If you start investing large sums of money initially, then you won’t much chance to earn profits. Follow these tips and watch your home based business take off successfully.

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