Just like with television and print, before you pitch radio outlets you have to be able to answer the questions: Why should the media care? And why should the media care now? The answers to those two questions will be the keys to your PR success.
Some tips to remember when pitching radio:
Listen Up! — Listen to the radio programs you want to be a guest on to understand their specific approach to journalism and how they serve their audience and their advertisers. Familiarize yourself with the hosts by finding them on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. And if they have a blog, be sure to visit it, making comments and interacting with the host wherever you see fit.
Timing is Everything — Just like with television, radio producers prefer a day’s notice on breaking news. Be sure to give them four weeks on seasonal or non-breaking news. And if pitching a local outlet the things that relate to people’s interest in the universal topics, health, wealth and love are always better to pitch when you can offer a local tie-in.
Find Them Online — All radio stations have websites, and most of them have an archive of shows either via streaming or podcast. A great strategy is to search out previous guests who have a similar platform as yourself, listen to their interview or segment, and then figure out what you can offer the program and its listeners that your competition can’t.
Again, Think “News You Can Use” — Tips on managing money and time, staying healthy and having great relationships — health, wealth and love (including relationships, sex and parenting issues) — are the universal issues that never fail to grab the media’s attention.
Sound Bites — Keep them clear, concise and memorable. Practice them! If you can’t remember them, then your listeners won’t either.

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