After finding the ideal person and getting to know her well, you finally make one of the most important decisions of your life: marry.

One of the biggest indecisions comes when it comes time to find wedding venue in Dubai / Abu Dhabi. To help you with this decision, experts at Wedding Champs prepared this article with some important things to keep in mind in choosing the right place. Continue reading and check it out!

1. Theme and concept of marriage
The first factor to be taken into account is the kind of ceremony that is to be organized in Dubai / Abu Dhabi. The theme and concept of the event vary greatly according to the profile of the bride and groom. Wedding Champs helps young couples who prefer a marriage that shies away from traditional patterns. We help in opting for alternative places that combine with nature-inspired décor, valuing the sophistication that can be found in simplicity. For this public profile, places like sites, beaches and some reception spaces are a good request.

2. Time of year and time of ceremony
The choice of wedding venue should also take into consideration the time of year and the time of the ceremony. It is known that climatic conditions vary widely, depending on the region of Dubai / Abu Dhabi where the couple are residing or intend to hold the marriage ceremony.

In the summer, high temperatures in much of the country hamper daytime outdoor weddings. In this case, Wedding Champs help them to find wedding venue in Dubai / Abu Dhabi with enclosed space, preferably at night and with an efficient air conditioning system or an open space at a time when the sun is not at its peak, i.e. in the early morning or late afternoon.

3. Easily accessible location
Whether it is in the countryside, on the beach or in the center of a large metropolis in Dubai / Abu Dhabi, we ensure that the venue offers easy access for grooms, guests, sponsors and suppliers.

Good accessibility ensures that no one is late for the wedding, and more importantly, it offers comfort to those in social attire, high heels, sophisticated dresses, clean suits, and suppliers who carry sensitive and costly equipment. It is important to minimize the risk of damage to these materials. If your chosen location is in an urban center, opt for friendlier schedules that escape the chaos of traffic.

4. Size and comfort of wedding venue
The size and structure of the wedding venue vary according to the profile of the bride and groom and the number of guests. For more intimate ceremonies, our experts ensure to find wedding venue in Dubai / Abu Dhabi that is smaller, nicely decorated place, adds to the unique sophistication. The few guests present here feel special because they have been chosen, but one must pay attention to the conditions offered to them. Large seats and airy weather, for example, are essential.

For large events, with many guests, the care is redoubled. At a wedding party for hundreds of guests, for example, it is imperative that the buffet is flawless.

5. Structure of electrical installations
It is known that both in the wedding ceremony and in the party, the use of electrical equipment is very wide. Sound, video, lighting and photography are essential. Thus, it is necessary to verify the structure of the electrical installations, such as the used voltage, the models of electrical outlets, generators, etc.

And for you, what should be the ideal place for your dream wedding? Let's love to know with us! We are sure that you will love our services.

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After finding the ideal person and getting to know her well, you finally make one of the most important decisions of your life: marry.