With the world going ‘social’, marketing has turned towards social media as well. Social media campaigns are now the most useful marketing techniques to advertise. However, running a campaign isn’t as easy as it sounds after watching a YouTube video. It is very much different than sharing a blog or updating a regular post. You must know how to develop and carry out the campaign and how you can receive the best results.

The basic purpose of every campaign is to reach the targeted audience. And for this, you may need professionals to set the tone of your campaign. You will also need the best Graphic design Companies in London. It is not about knowing who your audience is, a brand must engage customers like friends. You should know when and which platform they use the most.

5 Tips for Building Social Media Campaigns

We have pointed out the 5 essential factors for social media campaigns. These tips can help you build a target-oriented campaign.

1.Set Goals for the Campaign

Planning is the key and you have to do it well before launching the campaign. Outlining your goals is the first step in this process. Determine what you want to accomplish and in which order. Decide your goals with priority i.e. primary or secondary goals. Do you want to create a buzz or need more followers? Are you interested to convert visitors into clients or want to increase traffic?

Setting goals will assist you in building a better strategy. Enlist measuring factors for your campaign to determine the success rate. Brand or product awareness, direct sales and lead generation are some common goals.

2.Selecting Social Networks

After deciding objective and goals, the next big step is to select the suitable social networks. Find out which social platform is better to promote your product and for your brand image. You must choose platforms that your target audience use. But, be sure about the rules for running a campaign while selecting a social platform.

It is very necessary to get good results without violating any rules. You may end up terminating your campaign and fan base with a small violation.

3.Use Other Tactics

You can use some other tactics as well to make your campaign more compelling. For example, if you are targeting the audience for brand awareness, use cross-promotional tactics. Supplement your campaign posts with email, LinkedIn and Facebook ads. You can use social media influencers (pages or persons) to increase the audience's reach. This way you can target their large list of loyal followers.

However, construct a perfect pitch before you contact any influencer. They will be interested in how your campaign can help them or their followers.

4.Social CRM

Social CRM is the best way to know about the conversational activities that take place. You can manage your campaign across various networks through a single dashboard. This way you can convert social community into loyal clients. Marketing and sales automation tools in CRM can help you do this.

5.Measure Campaign’s Success

The last step is to measure how much progress you have made to achieve your primary goals. It is better to measure the results in both qualitative and quantitative. Try to extract other information that might help you grow or shape your product or brand. For example, try to find out how customers are using the product, is there any new ways it can be used.

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Zachary Walker is an award winning digital marketing and adwords specialist. He has 8+ years’ experience optimising Digital Marketing Campaigns. His popular Digital Marketing Plan & Social Media Plan templates downloaded by thousands. Zachary Walker travels the world while teaching digital marketing.