When you are twice the age of your classmates, it can be trying to make it through college. School is hard, but it can be fun, too! Here are some tips to make the best of your adult education.

Get involved
Sure, during your college search, you mostly thought about choosing a school that has a good reputation and courses that fit your needs, but you need to branch out and take part in some extracurriculars! Schools often set aside funds for school groups and associations to hold events to get students involved on campus. There might even be a club for nontraditional students, where you can discuss the ins and outs of adult education. It could be a great way to make friends.

Take a variety of classes
Getting through school will be a lot more fun if you enroll in some different types of classes to help you meet general education requirements. For instance: If you are a business major, you probably still have to take some courses outside of your major. Why not have fun with it and take a painting or sculpting class instead of something like The Financial Side of the Art World?

Balance your course load
Your advisor may try to push you to take the maximum amount of credits each semester in order to get you out the door and on your way to your new career, but it is really not always in your best interest to overload yourself. Especially in adult education, where you are probably working as well as going to school, consider going to school part time or taking the minimum required credit hours to meet full-time status. With fewer classes, you will be able to devote more time to them, and your professors will be impressed.

Maintain good study habits
If you are going back to school years or decades after beginning your initial college search, chances are you need to brush up on some basics. Remember that you need to estimate spending two hours of at-home studying for each hour that you are in class! That seems like a lot, and it is. To keep motivated, consider studying in bursts when you have plenty of energy, and take breaks in between. During your breaks, call a friend, go for a walk or make a snack. When you are in study mode, avoid all distractions by turning off your phone and your television.

Enjoy being a student
Make the best of your college experience! Put forth enough time and effort to make the grades you need to succeed, but keep your eyes and ears open for special opportunities at your school. Attend guest lectures, participate in school functions, and socialize with your classmates. Just because you’re a nontraditional student doesn’t mean that college can’t be some of the best years of your life!

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