Nice spring weather requires you to sit outside in your garden, balcony or on your roof terrace. After this weird winter, you remember when you're out in the sun all of a sudden that you promised yourself last year to take care of your terrace and give it a new look.

No worries, you're still well on time to roll up your sleeves just as well, because installing a terrace is much less of a hassle than you would expect and if you're a little handy, you can do that yourself.

A good preparation
As with so many things, good preparation is half the work. Consider well in advance how you want to divide terrace or roof terrace. Where does the sun rise and does it go down? Does everything you have in mind fit in the garden? A pond? A plant border? Your square meter kitchen garden in the corner? And does that fire basket fit next to that six-person table? With a measuring tape or by counting your steps, you quickly increase the surface and make a handy overview sketch. Draw your layout that you have in mind with a pencil. This also comes in handy if you later consult with your partner and want to make clear what you have in mind.

A quick sketch is usually sufficient, but if you take it really big, or if you want to design your entire garden next to your terrace, then take a look at our course designing gardens in 3D with the free SketchUp program.

Wood, stone or plastic
The type of material you choose for your terrace has a major influence on the appearance. Do you have a real garden than its terrace tiles the most durable and cheap. You put tiles in a sand bed and you have to roll up your sleeves for that if you really start from scratch with your terrace. You have to dig up a few centimeters if there is no sand yet, enough sand and or gravel in it and then with a vibrator you make sure everything is nice and straight before you actually put the tiles on it.

If you do the preparatory work well, laying the tiles is a breeze (with the evening of enjoying muscle pain at places in your arm that you did not know existed). Do not skip the vibrator and extra sand under your terrace because that is asking for subsidence. Not in the first week maybe, but faster than you think.

A vegetable garden
You enjoy your terrace much more if you have a reason to take a look every day. A vegetable garden is one of those reasons. You can also easily install a handy kitchen garden from terrace parts.

Extend the summer with a terrace cover
On long summer evenings it is good to be on your new terrace. But in the evening it can still cool down quickly and in the spring or autumn there is more often the chance of a shower while it would be warm enough to sit outside. A roof or terrace covering is the solution. The construction is astonishingly simple with a few wooden beams, the right screws and plexiglass roof plates. You actually build a pergola with a roof on it. A patio roof is also very suitable if you prefer to be in the shadows during high summer.

Do not drag with everything yourself
You may be surprised by the hassle of getting sand, tiles or terrace parts at the hardware store and dragging them home in your car. Fortunately, you can usually rent a trailer on the spot if it does not fit in the car, but with large orders or Ipe Decking, there is no reason for the delivery service. Whether you let 10 cubic meters of sand and tiles, or just a dozen new decking that you want to replace because they are splintered or warped. Believe me, make your life easier and spend that few dollars and simply contact online decking supplier to save your own back and time as well!

After work done
It is good to stay on your new terrace. Congratulations! If you know that you have done the job yourself, you will enjoy your (roof) terrace even more. Now hope for a lot of beautiful weather, sun and good company and that you have left room for that new barbeque or garden fireplace.

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Misty Jhones