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When you run a thriving (or 'want to be thriving') HVAC or plumbing shop, you know the hard work that goes into it. You've investing hundreds of hours into getting the right licenses, you work long days in crappy weather, and you do your best to monitor your shop's financial health. In fact, did you know that plumbing & HVAC shops have one of the highest failures rates of all industries in a 5-year period? Your job is tough enough as it is... no reason to make it any tougher than it has to be.

Yet, somehow, so many hardworking, good-intending, multiple-license-carrying contractors making some of the completely avoidable mistakes when talking with leads- and it kills the relationships with their customers.

So, without further ado, here's the list of 5 things you should never say to a customer or lead again. (Ever.)

1. Expecting people to leave you a message.

Ok, maybe that's not something to "say", but you'd be amazed how many people expect customers or leads to leave a voicemail and they'll get back with them later. Here's the deal: that may have worked just fine in 1986, but Top Gun isn't flying high at the box office (anymore? yet?). Your customers have higher expectations.

As a plumbing or HVAC contractor, you should understand this: your customer isn't calling you because they're curious or they're bored; they're calling because they have a problem. Now. In the world of marketing, we call this 'immediacy'. They want to know that you can fix their problem, and you can fix it yesterday.

If you want them to leave a message, they'll just go on to the next contractor listed in Google.

2. "Can you call me back later?"

Maybe you didn't read first rule. Answering a customer to say "I don't have time to solve your problem right now, and I won't remember to call you back, but will you call me after a while?".

Look- I get that you're busy. But your customer doesn't care. Same outcome as #1: they'll bounce.

3. "I dunno."

Lazy grammar aside, saying "I don't know" to a customer (or lead) doesn't exactly make you seem like an expert in your field. Granted, maybe it's something you truly don't have an answer for, like "when was my last maintenance check?". When this happens, don't say "I dunno". Instead, say "that's a great question- I'll look into that and get back with an answer for you ASAP."

Even better, give them an exact time when they can expect a response. (Ex: "I'll get back with you in 10 minutes with an answer.") But, since you just created an expectation, you better deliver on that timeframe.

4. "That's not my problem", or "that's not really my job".

When a customer reaches out to you, they're looking for you to solve their problem- not pass the buck. Instead of wiping your hands of whatever their concern is, try to help them solve it. For example, if a customer wants help understanding their invoice, simply say "that's a great question- let me walk through it with you" or "let me get the office on the line, and we'll help break it down".

Even better if it's something that completely WOWS your customer. For instance, if your customer left you a house key so that you can do their job while they're at work, take the extra step to take their poodle for a walk before you leave. Taking a few minutes extra to go the extra mile to take care of your customers will pay back in huge dividends- and great reviews online.

5. Do not get into arguments with your customers. Period.

I know that your job is tough, and I know that you deal with some 'interesting' people from time-to-time. But there is no positive outcome of arguing with a customer. Ever.

Especially if that argument is online. If a customer leaves you a bad review, avoid responding tit for tat. The thing about digital reviews are- they're permanent, and very, very public. Future leads don't care about the nuances about sorting through your public dirty laundry. Again- they want you to solve their problem, not make more of them.

When you have a difficult customer, do everything in your power to take the high road.

You've got a tough enough job without adding to the noise. Make your company stand out by the rest by always displaying professional customer interactions at every turn. Your company's bottom line will thank you.

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