How to move more efficiently? Well, hiring a team of professional North Shore removals will be the best way to do so. Having years of experience and skills, they will ensure a hassle-free move for you. But before you call them, make sure that you have done the packing rightfully. You must keep your belongings in great shape when moving. Improper packing and mishandling can cause permanent damage to your furniture. And no one will want that, especially with expensive items like leather furniture. So, what will you do? Well, let us discuss that in the following article.


Things you should never do when moving leather furniture:

How can you move your favourite leather couch to your new home? Well, there are lots of ways. But regardless of anything, you should never do the following things when moving leather:


No matter what, never put any tape on your beloved leather furniture. Once you remove it from the furniture, it will cause permanent damage to your leather. Why? Well, they can take off some of the colours and finishes when being taken off the leather. Alongside that, they can also leave a residue on the leather surface.


Compared to other furniture, leather is more prone to scratches and scuffs. Thus, if you move it without protecting the surface, it can get damaged.

How to pack your leather furniture sets for your move?

It is a must to make sure that you are using the right materials to pack your furniture. And leather is one of those items that need proper care and attention when packing. Without that, you may have to end up paying extra. Thus, you need to protect your items with the right items. And here are the materials you must use when packing your beloved leather furniture:

1. Moving Blankets:

To protect your favourite leather sofa from scratches and scuffs, you should wrap it with a moving blanket. Made of durable fabric having batting wrapped inside, these blankets can prevent dents, scrapes and abrasions. It can also protect the leather from dust, dirt, and moisture. Compared to thin blankets and sheets, these are more durable and hence, a perfect choice for moving leather items.

2. Shrink Wrap:

To make sure that the moving blankets are in place, you can use shrink wraps. But you must make sure not to shrink-wrap the entire furniture, as leather needs to breathe. If you shrink-wrap your leather piece entirely, it makes the leather sweat, which leads to trapped moisture and mildew. It can also stain your beloved leather furniture. And if you are moving in the summer, too much heat can melt down the wrap and stick it to the leather.

3. Moving Rubber Bands:

Alongside the shrink wrap, you can use moving rubbers (or pallet bands) to keep the moving blankets in place. Unlike regular bands, these rubber bands are more stretchable. You can stretch it to over 2x their size and can fit around your leather furniture. Unlike tapes, these bands do not leave any residue on the leather.

Are you planning to move to another city/state soon? Instead of doing all the hectic packing and moving, hire someone professional. A team of experienced North Shore removals can be your best moving partner. All you have to do is find the right team for the work.

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