Apart from being among the 30 airports in the world, Gatwick Airport is a popular airport in the United Kingdom and Europe. Additionally, it ranks among the largest European airports serving millions of traffic. Gatwick has the busiest single runway in the world handling traffic other airports handle on multiple runways. There’s a lot to say about Gatwick Airport as you’re going to discover in this article. Given are 5 things you should know about Gatwick Airport.

Marvelous architectural projects

By 1936, the Beehive was unveiled at Gatwick Airport. This was the first circular airport terminal in the world. This extraordinary architectural achievement is a terminal that handles all stages of air travel. Additionally, the direct rail link was another first for Gatwick Airport. The airport offers passengers to board the aircraft directly instead of traveling across the runway. The rail saves time especially when the time for your flight is up.

Impressive support during the blitz

The blitz was German’s offensive bombing of Britain during the Second World War. Gatwick Airport temporarily became a military base to aid Britain to carry out air-to-air attacks to the deadly German air force. Gatwick was influential during this operation after a requisition by the RAF for use as a combat airfield. The airport became a base for providing service to important operations to keep Britain safe from airborne invaders.

Meet and greet available

You can hire a meet and greet service to make your arrival at Gatwick Airport full of pomp and free from any hassle. On your arrival, a representative from the agency will receive you with a placard bearing your name. The best part is the professional assistance through the immigration process until you get to your means of transport from the airport. You can click here for more details about how you can benefit from the meet and greet at Gatwick Airport.

Popular with royals

Gatwick is now your ordinary airport. This airport has been graced by a Royal presence on many occasions including opening ceremonies. In 1956 after undergoing major redevelopment, Queen Elizabeth II officially re-opened Gatwick Airport. After 39 years, the queen had to return with her husband Prince Phillip for the official opening of the new North Terminal. The late Princess Diana officially opened this airport on June 9, 1958. She also took a turn to listen to communication from the air control tower on September 22, 1988.

Famous with celebrities too

Gatwick Airport has been graced by a number of notable celebrities from all walks of life. Pope John Paul II kissed the ground at Gatwick Airport upon his arrival in 1982. Lily Cole, a supermodel launched Gatwick Runway Models modeling contest in 2010 at Gatwick. Additionally, soccer superstars John Terry and Frank Lampard boarded a flight at Gatwick Airport on May 14, 2013, and the next day, they won the European League Final.

When visiting the UK, you can make your airport experience more pleasant by booking meet and greet at Gatwick Airport. Your arrival at this airport will be a moment to bask in the limelight experienced by Royals and notable celebrities including Pope John Paul II.

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