Vaping Juul has increased in the last few years. Juul is one the most famous e-cigarettes right now, and is being used by both smokers as well as nonsmokers, including high school students. The product is highly used because it is marketed a heathy form of smoking compared to conventional smoking. But the product is not that safe. To help you know more about Juul, here are 5 things you need to know.


1. Juul has a higher content of nicotine than many other e-cigarettes

Although most vaping products are considered less toxic than traditional cigarettes, not all are less toxic. You will find that Juul has a high content of nicotine. Believe it or not, one Juul cartridge contains 5% of nicotine, which is equal to the amount of nicotine in one pack of cigarettes. The nicotine is addictive, and will affect brain development in minors and youths.

2. Juul device is easily concealable

As a parent or teacher, you need to be smart to identify if your kids or students are vaping Juul. Juul has made a product that looks like a flash drive which is portable and concealable. For that reason, your kids or students might be using this product behind the scene without your knowledge. Therefore, check on their behavior and have conversations with them always, and you will find out and help them accordingly.

3. Teens and young adults are attracted to Juul and believe it’s less harmful

Juul has used a marketing strategy that targets teens and young adults. They position their products as less harmful, and that is how these young individuals see the products. Also, Juul comes in different flavors that appeal to the young generation. But in real sense these products are equally harmful just like traditional cigarettes. Therefore, as a young adult, you need to know that vaping Juul isn’t safe, and can cause addiction, mood disorders and affect your brain development.

4. Vaping Juul can cause serious illnesses

Just like traditional smoking, vaping Juul can cause serious lung diseases. One of the main diseases that can affect you after using Juul is EVALI. This disease affects the lungs, and comes with symptoms such as shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chest pain, headache and even fever. Other lung diseases associated with vaping Juul include Popcorn Lung and Bronchiolitis Obliterans Organizing Pneumonia. Also, vaping Juul and seizures are linked by some top researchers, but research is still ongoing. In addition, using Juul consistently for a long time can put you at risk of getting stroke.

5. You can get compensation for a Juul-related illness or injury

You just need to prove that you got the illness or injury after using Juul for a certain period of time. However, the process of seeking compensation is not that simple. You need a competent personal injury attorney to help you out. At The Law Center, you will find the best personal injury lawyers to help you until you get what you deserve from Juul Labs. The lawyer will investigate, collect evidence and represent you all the way, until you get a fair compensation.

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