Going on a trip becomes imperative in this day and age when technology has completely encapsulated our lives. If you are planning for a forest trip this time, you need to be mindful about the stuff that you will take along. Keep in mind that you need everything that will suffice for your basic needs for the time that you stay in the forest. People say that it is easy to survive in nature but is equally difficult when you put yourself in that situation. With much advancement in technology and everything at our doorsteps, we all are accustomed to getting everything easily in this small world. In this article, I will give you a list of 5 things that you must take with you on your forest trip. There’s no harm in going on a social detox, but it is equally important to have everything else in your backpack.

5 things you must have on your forest trip:

1. A hand fan

This is a must-have accessory which you should incorporate in your bag. Keep in mind that there’s no electricity in the forest and your electric fan might run out of battery at any time. Something that will keep things going smooth is the effort that you put in. Hand fans are used widely in Asia and many other parts of the world where people suffer from poverty and electricity issues. Though weather in the forest is fine during most of the year, you still never know when hot winds start blowing.

2. Quick snacks

Moving into the forest means you will have to walk long miles. To do that, your body needs to be enriched with energy. Instead of eating large meals, you can eat chocolates and crisps. Many snacks are specially made for people who want to spend time in the forest. Eating large meals will become a problem since you won't be having a toilet every few miles up. Secondly, it is crucial to stay hydrated, so you better take water bottles along.

3. First aid box

You cannot forget to take your medicines along with you. A first aid kit is a must-have whether you’re traveling to any part of the world. Take all the medicines with you inclusive of the bandages, sanitizers, headache pills, and other important medicines that you usually take. If you are suffering from an anxiety disorder, you can buy sour diesel seeds at ILGM, and use them during the trip so that your experience doesn’t suffer.

4. A bandana

Don’t forget that you will surely sweat a lot during the tour. A well-worn bandana can easily absorb your sweat and keep you fresh. You just need to tie it around your neck and head before walking long miles. Moreover, it can also clean camera lens and steamy eyeglass, especially near waterfalls and during humid weather. It is better if you buy one that is made out of cotton cloth.

5. Long socks

You can’t wear your short size school socks in the forest. Keep in mind that you will be surrounded by animals and insects from all sides. Many people quickly develop allergies as a result of mosquitoes and other insects feeding on their bodies. Long socks are always helpful in the forest because they can be worn instead of long trousers in case the weather is very hot. Try taking ones that have light color because light colors are both poor absorbers and emitters of heat.


Lastly, buy a smart backpack that can be easily carried on the shoulders. Don’t pack your stuff in heavy suitcases. Grab your bottle of water, stay hydrated throughout the tour, and don’t forget to put a smile on your face.

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