A beautiful bedsheet surely adds a flair to the look of your entire bedroom. It is the first thing in a bedroom which grabs everyone’s attention. No matter how much of a gorgeous bed you have, if you don’t dress it with a good sheet, it will go straight into oblivion.

The importance of bed sheets has bridged the gap from being a necessary addition to a matter of aesthetics, becoming an important part of beds and bedrooms.

From solid colours to prints, ethnic to abstract designs, there is a vast variety of bedsheets online to choose from. But there are a few questions you should ask yourself when buying bed sheets for your bedroom. Are they easy to wash? Comfortable enough? Do they work with your bedroom’s décor?

Let’s discuss 5 things or tips which you should take into consideration while shopping for bedsheets online, which will help you answer the aforementioned questions.

1. Purpose: It is very important to choose a bedsheet according to the reason you need it for. If you want a bedsheet online for everyday use, then it’s better to go for cotton, as it’s casually stylish, hypoallergenic and durable.

A bedsheet with silk or nylon for a satiny feel and grand design are apt for an occasion like a festival or guests coming over. You can even personalize a bedsheet, making them the best option when you want to gift any friend or family member.

2. Material: The material of your bedsheet is as important as the colours, designs and patterns. The different materials of bed sheets are:
a. Cotton
Cotton bedsheets are extremely popular for various reasons. One of the easiest materials to wash, gets softer with time, is long-lasting, affordable and in summers, it helps to keep you cool.

b. Flannel
A great option for winters as this material is good at trapping body heat. Although it is made from cotton, it is fluffed a little so that it feels softer.

c. Silk
This material in a bedsheet is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury. Produced by silkworms, silk is cool and sensuous to touch, with a lavish feel which is unbeatable.

d. Polyester
Bedsheets made purely from polyester are not that great, but when you get a nice blend of cotton and polyester, you get a soft and smooth sheet which is comparatively affordable and durable.

3. Thread Count: You might be judging the quality of a bedsheet by probing with your hand, testing by touch. But in reality, the quality of a bedsheet can only be determined by thread count. It is the barometer which determines the durability and smoothness of a bedsheet.

The higher the thread count, the more comfortable you can sleep on your soft and smooth bedsheet.

4. Fit: If you have ever tried to wrestle a small sheet onto a mattress, you probably know the importance of buying a bedsheet of the correct size.

So, before you go bedsheet shopping, take a measuring tape and get working around your bed. For a king size bed, the standard measurements are 78 x 72 inches. For a queen size bed, 78 x 60 inches and for single beds, 78 x 36 inches.
If you don’t have a customized bed, keep the above in mind along with the height of your mattress so that you only buy bedsheets which will wrap around nicely without creating any fuss.

5. Design: Looks do matter, right? In the end, when you are done with choosing the right material and the perfect size, you can finally give all your attention to the designs and patterns.

All you have to do is make a note of all the colours in your bedroom décor and then select a colour which can complement your bed.

We have all the points which you need to take into consideration while buying bed sheets online. So, choose a bedsheet that suits your décor and can provide comfort to you.

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