Stone is a natural creation on earth, some of them have minimum value and some are precious and has great value. Marble and Quartz are interior decorative stones,they have different formation, marble are dolomite rocks or limestone Quartz stones are made of minerals found on the surface of earth and they are crystalline in nature. Both of them have differences but they are best alternative to each other. Below are five points to remember while purchasing marble or quartz stones.

1. Designs: Marble & Quartz stones are well known for their beauty and elegant designs. Marble are natural stones and thus the design also is natural and unique, this is also one reason for variation in prices. Quartz stone has various design and the good reflection effects after a good polish and shaping but doesn't have uniqueness like marbles stone does.

2. Colors : Colors are one of the main reason for the stone furnishing in interiors, Marble stone and Quartz stone have variety of elegant and bright colors to enhance the beauty of your interior surfaces, walls, countertops, shelves, bathroom wares and many more. Marbles includes colors like yellow, purple, cedar red, red, black, white, blue ray and uniform pure white and Quartz includes opaque, rose, brown, smoky yellow, white and violet. Not only the color are attractive but even the dull colors also made eye catchy by giving a good texture or design as a bump or pattern.

3. Durability and Maintenance: Another question that arise is the durability and maintenance of the stone, Quartz stone has a strong lead as it doesn't require maintenance and it’s durability is comparatively more than Marble stones. Quartz stones are dirt and Scratch resistant. Marble stone has designs which are actually layers of rocks which are bristle and they are prone to dirt and scratches and repairs on it are possible but not like on quartz stones.

4. Hardness: Quality of a stone is also determined by its hardness and quality has same importance as of design and colors. Hardness of the stones are directly proportional to durability and Maintenance. As per reading of the Moh's scale, marble stone is measured at 3 to 4 and quartz stone beats the hardness of marble with 7 on Moh's scale. As stated above marble have designs which are actually layers of rock. These rocks are fragile which easily get scratches and are brittle. Quartz stone are firm enough and they do not break easily.

5. Price: Different factors like shape, designs, quality are the reason for differentiation in the value of these stones. Marble stone are expensive than quartz stones as they are

in more demand and have very long history in marble crafts, interiors, sculptures etc. Quartz stones are now equally in demand with marble today and its quality and longdurability

will increase the demand . Hence quartz stone will acquire the position of best option for the customer in their budget range.

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Abby Doss, she is very intelligent person and also a writer, she loves to write on luxurious interiors and holds a specialized knowledge on tile flooring. She has presented her views over Marble stones and quartz stones, there properties and also presented her researches on various types of stones. kitchen and bathroom surface tilling.