Electric kettles play an important role in our lives. Although boiling water is one of the simplest household tasks, the process becomes better with the help of technology. Electric kettles make the task more convenient, faster, and precise.

There is a broad selection of electric kettles and it can be overwhelming to pick the best one to suit your needs and lifestyle. Different household has different needs. It is helpful to know what to look for when buying an electric kettle.

Here are the 5 things you need to consider in your search for the best electric kettle for you.

1. Speed. Most electric kettles boil faster than microwave or stovetop kettle but some models are quicker than others which allows you to save time and money on electricity bill. Having a fast kettle is important as it saves time especially in the morning when you have very limited time to prepare for morning drink and meal.

2. Material. This is mostly your personal preference; the style, look and feel you like. You may consider stainless steel kettles as it is considered the most durable material. Glass kettles are popular for being attractive and allowing the user to easily check the water level and boiling status. Ceramic and porcelain electric kettles which are best for tea lovers as it preserves the pure taste of tea. Many avoid using plastic kettles as it may have chemicals that may cause health issues. It can also leave a plastic or chemical smell on your drink which alters the taste of the beverage. However, there are BPA free plastic kettles which are odorless and safe to use.

3. Durability. Of course, you wouldn’t want to spend money on an appliance that won’t last for a year. The material and price can be a good indicator of a durable kettle. Another way to tell that the product is of good quality is whether it has a warranty. Brands that provides a good warranty program shows that they are confident of the quality and are willing to stand behind their product. The best way to tell that the product is durable are recommendations from people who have used it. Read reviews or ask people who have experience of using the appliance.

4. Size. There are two main factors to help you decide for the size of the kettles. First, is the space of your countertop. With so many kitchen appliances, it is not surprising to have a limited space on your countertop. It is helpful to figure out where to put the electric kettle first before buying to ensure you have enough space for your new purchased. Second, is the size of your family and your usage. If you only make one to two cups of tea in every usage then 0.5-liter capacity would be enough. If you’re brewing several cups then you’ll need a larger capacity kettle.

5. Features. The most important features you need to consider are:

  • Auto Shut-Off since it’s easy for us to forget to turn off the appliance. This gives convenience, save energy, and prevent damage to the kettle.
  • Cordless for a hassle-free usage. Serving with cord is difficult and can cause accidents.
  • Water gauge to accurately fill the kettle with water and to easily check the water level.
  • Keep warm function. Not all kettles have this function but this could be very helpful so you don’t have to reheat often. Some kettles can hold the water temperature for up to 2 hours.
  • Temperature Options. This feature is great especially for tea lovers as different type of tea requires different water temperature to bring out its best flavor.
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