LED bulbs and lights are perfect for indoor and outdoor decoration purposes. Besides decoration, these bulbs offer a plethora of benefits. One of the biggest reason why people pick these bulbs is that they help save the energy since a majority of it is emitted as heat. On an average, the lifespan of an LED light usually varies from 70,000 to 100,000 hours. Besides this, it is durable against the cold and hear.
So, what are the 5 most important things to consider when purchasing LED bulbs online? Let’s find out!

Determine where it will be used - When you are out there shopping for LED lights online, the first thing that you ought to consider is the area where these lights will be used. If you want lights for staircases, you can opt for LED recessed lighting. You can opt for the round LED lights that can be installed hallway on your staircase wall. In case, you wish to use these lights in a nursery, you can go with the blue hued lights. The Blue hued lights present a peaceful and light environment in the room. When it comes to the gardens, you can go with the multi hued LED lights to create a colorful theme. These colorful lights will make the garden feel alive at night. For the patio area, ground buried LED lights can be a great pick.

Wattage of the bulb - Next factor of consideration is the wattage of the bulbs. Wattage refers to the amount of electricity these light bulbs use. If the bulb has a high wattage power, it will consume a huge amount of electricity. Conclusively, you’ll be required to pay a massive utility bill. The wattage of the LED bulb is rated at 1 watt to 5 watt. The wattage shouldn’t really be very high so as to help you save some money.

Lumen of the bulb - Next factor is the lumens of the bulb. Lumens is basically the brightness of the light. Higher is the lumen, brighter will be the light that your LED bulb will produce. Syska LED bulbs with larger lumens ought to be chosen since they prove to be really efficient.

Type of connection - Before you go shopping for LED bulbs, you must identify the type of connection used in the bulb fittings. There are two distinct types of connections such as GU5.3 and GU10. The LED lighting you buy must match with the connection of the bulb fitting in your home.

LED bulbs Prices - LED bulbs can be compared to hybrid cars. They are cheaper to operate but are normally more expensive than your regular bulbs. However, today there is a rise in competition among different brands as a result of which you can get these bulbs at a more competitive price. However, do go with the reliable brands and make an informed choice.

Summary - Searching for tips to help you shop for LED lights? Here, read some important factors of consideration to make an informed choice.

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The author has vast experience in lighting for a very long time and well aware of their techniques and innovative approach. With this article she helps people understand the 5 things to consider when purchasing LED bulbs online.