Getting a kidney transplant usually means that you have an end-stage kidney disease, and that your kidneys are no longer functioning. Your likely living through dialysis to remove toxins from your body, a job that your kidneys are supposed to do. People have many misconceptions regarding a kidney transplant, explains a nephrologist at the best kidney transplant hospital in Delhi NCR. Debunking these misconceptions and understanding what getting a kidney transplant means, without any ambiguities, is very important if you’re going to spend the rest of your life with a transplanted kidney. This article is written for just that purpose, with the help of kidney specialists in Gurgaon at one of the top kidney transplant hospitals in India. Read about 5 such things you should make a mental note of.

  1. It’s not a cure

  2. Kidney transplantation may give you freedom, make you feel better and present you with a new lease on life, but it’s just a treatment not a cure. About 25 percent of kidney transplant patients will experience one rejection episode in their first year, and life is not all easy even after the transplant. There are certain things you’ll have to do for the rest of your life, like taking medications, avoiding germs and frequently visiting your transplant centre.

  3. Don’t listen to rumours

  4. You’ll likely come across a boatload of rumours on your way to kidney transplantation, which include false tales such as “you’ll have to take hands-full of pills for the rest of your life” (which is an exaggeration) to “rich people always get their names on the top of the transplant list”. Don’t listen to these rumours, and instead ask a professional. Every case is different, so no matter what you read on the internet, something that happened to someone else, may not apply to you.

  5. People other than your family members can also give you a kidney

  6. Organs from family members may have an increased chance of matching your body, that’s a fact. But, complete strangers can be a match too. There are wonderful, generous people in the world who may be willing to give you a kidney. Reach out. Use social media, hang banners outside your house, write it on your car, in short, let people know you need a transplant. You never know who may actually call you with interest.

  7. There’s a lot of effort involved in actually getting to the transplant.

  8. You won’t be put on the transplant list that easily. You’ll go through numerous tests to evaluate your fitness for the transplantation, including multiple lab tests, talking with a social worker, x-rays, heart evaluation to seeing a dentist, to name a few.

  9. Make yourself ready for the transplant.

  10. A kidney transplant is your shot at a longer life. Don’t squander it. Keep yourself as healthy as possible. Show up for every treatment and stay the full time. Eat healthy. Quit smoking. Exercise. Lose weight. Make it count!

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