There are going to be a lot of "Oh" factors while visiting Bali as a first-timer. To pick out this interesting destination for your next vagabond do continue reading till the end. For more offers or blogs on Bali log in to our website or say Hi to us at our customer forum on our website.

They aren't amateurs

From vendors to shopkeepers know that you are a tourist as they cater to million in a year so it's pretty obvious you may be bugged into purchasing something you don't want or overpriced you into stiff you want. They may be uneducated vendors but they sure are smart.

Sweat is a common Friend

It's going to be hot, 32 degrees hot and your jeans can't save you from this overexposed sunny situation. Though May to July is the ideal Bali vacation season you are bound to be drenched in your sweat.

Drinks on me

The drinks are pretty cheap to safely say the above phrase. The best of these can be found in beach resorts and shakes. The Martini and beer are cheap whereas wine whereas supremely overpriced. Do not try drinks way cheaper than even the Bali currency.

I'm a millionaire

It's in your benefit for the first time you might feel like a rich person as Bali has the lowest currency. It doesn't mean you could buy everything but sure save some bucks. Don't hold off on tips as they are hard workers and deserve it. Feeling rich can also end up feeling robbed to hold on to your money pouches as long as you have one.

The mandatory Sarong

While entering a temple, you better plan to carry a sarong while you plan to visit one as a tradition you are expected to wear a sarong and sash. You can hire them in case you forgot to pack one or buy them at cheap prices. Both men and women need to cover the body both legs being below the knee with a sarong, and the sash should be worn around the waist.

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