You are suffering from your love life. You can find attractive people. You can find someone who treats you well. You can find a person to whom you want to devote yourself. You cannot find them all in one package. But have you ever wondered why? After all, more than 50 million people are married. A man is only in America. Someone wants to commit. So how can you be the woman your man wants to marry?

Find out what emotions some women cause in men and not others. Keep listening to find out five things men need in a relationship for you. When you're done, we'll show you how to apply for Love U and build a passionate relationship that's safe, understandable, and straightforward. So I did it long enough not to get kicked back.

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I understand that these are five things that I came up with and that they are part of the overall context of Love U. If a woman's deepest desire is to be safe, listen and understand if she realizes it or not. In these five terms, you can express the deepest desire of men, not even to know themselves.

# 1 - Accepted. I don't think men are perfect. I don't think this is perfect. I don't think the person you are looking at is perfect. He doesn't think he's perfect. But I can tell you from the depths of my soul I've met a lot of women, so "Evan, I like you, but you need to change. It felt like a recurring theme in my decade of fruitful dating. And their observations were not wrong. But as a man, as a girl and as a counselor, tell him what is wrong with him, and understand that he does not always think that he can work and get better.

# 2-Thank you: You don't have to do this because he grabs snacks at dinner, throws out the trash, and walks the dog in the rain. He feeds you the last pie. A good man wants to please you. And if you're his girlfriend, the nice guy does his best. But that doesn't mean that when you want him to do, you do whatever you want him to do, exactly the way you want him to do. So if you have a good person and he spends more time listening to what he is, instead of praising him a lot for what is right, he is probably more grateful. You will find someone who does his good deeds.

# 3-Respect: There is a saying that respect is gained, not given. I want to turn it over and look at it from the other side. Do you need to win the respect of a man? What can you do to earn the respect of men? Do you think you need to convince him that you are a good person because you are not making more money than he is? It would help if you defended your opinion
This is as important as he is when it comes to making mutual decisions about where you are.
Are you alive, how do you spend your time, how do you bring up your children? No, of course not.

#4-Trustworthy: You know you are talking about what you get, not about being respectful. Now replace it with the word trust. What should be given from the beginning, besides trust, such as respect? If a man gives you a reason not to trust him, the solution is for you to leave him rather than continue dating an unreliable man. Do you understand? The only men who tolerate girlfriends who don't trust them are very anxious men they can't do anymore or men who can't be trusted and who know you're right. Nice and honest men hate it when you follow their social media, check their phones, and ask them questions about them.
Intention and location.

#5-Need: Being financially independent is great. You have your own home, you have your friends, you can travel comfortably alone, and you don't need people to support you. It's great. Nobody is asking you to renounce this wonderful life that you have built for yourself. A man who doesn't want to be your accessory, your plus at an event. So marrying him is like keeping your life as it is now.


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