The transactional relationship between a usually older wealthy person and a younger in need person is called a sugar relationship. Why sugar? Because sugar is a symbol of pleasure, money, and comfort.

In a sugar relationship, both parties benefit from the relationship but in different ways. The older wealthy person benefits from the youth and the liveliness of his or her younger partner. Evidently, the younger in need person benefits from the financial support given to him o her by his or her older wealthy partner. But even if it’s called sugar relationship, it doesn’t mean that it’s always sweet, all rainbows, and all butterflies. Before you decide to go into a sugar relationship, there are five things I would like to remind you about it.


1) Money is a huge factor in a sugar relationship

It is called the sugar relationship because sugar is something sweet, something nice, and extravagant. Sugar gives you pleasure, because why not? In terms of a sugar relationship, the core of it is money and pleasure. An older wealthy person might feel lonely or neglected and he or she might find pleasure in being in a sugar relationship with someone younger who is in need of financial support. Meanwhile, a younger in need person might struggle in life and find comfort in being in a sugar relationship where he or she is supported well by his or her older wealthy partner.

2) Age gap is almost always present

Although it is possible to be a sugar daddy or sugar mommy even if you’re still young (the 40s and below), in most cases, sugar daddies and sugar mommies are significantly older than their younger partners. Most sugar daddies and sugar mommies are aged 50 and above and their younger partners are usually around their 20s. That would mean around 30 years of the age gap. When it comes to relationships, age is just a number and yes, it doesn’t hinder anyone to go and dive into a relationship. But in the case of sugar relationships, it is typically characterized by a huge age gap between the partners.

3) A sugar relationship is usually a secret

A sugar relationship is transactional. It involves a lot of money and otherworldly stuff. Because of these characteristics, a sugar relationship is usually kept as a secret. Both partners are doing things together discreetly and most of the time, they make sure to schedule and hold their dates and meet-ups secretly in order to avoid being known by the public, especially their families and friends. Most of the time, a sugar daddy would invite his sugar baby to go to another town or country and spend time there for a few weeks just to get away and be together.

4) Love is not always there

Love and money are very much like opposite terms. If you truly love someone, you won’t care if he or she has money or if you gain anything or nothing in the relationship. When you love someone, you don’t look at the savings or investment portfolio. You only look at the heart and the connection. However, when it comes to sugar relationships, money and pleasure are always at the core. Therefore, most sugar relationships do not have real love between the partners. The older wealthy person experiences excitement and pleasure because his or her partner is younger, healthier, or sexier. Meanwhile, the younger in need person experiences monetary benefits because his or her partner is wealthy. Yes, a sugar relationship is beneficial but it doesn’t always involve love.

5) Most sugar relationships don’t last forever

Unlike true love, money and pleasure can run out. Since a sugar relationship is heavily transactional, there will come a time that the other partner would feel like he or she is not benefitting anymore from the relationship. This is why most sugar relationships don’t end well and don’t last forever. A sugar relationship is usually just a phase that could be experienced and overcome once it ends. Sugar relationships usually don’t involve true love, and hence, the chances for them to last forever are very slim.

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