It is very important to maintain the health of the oral cavity. Teeth perform crucial functions in our lives. However, there are many people who take care of their teeth and practice good oral hygiene but still experience dental problems. While some of them have certain diseases that affect their dental health, others damage their teeth by not having proper dental habits in place.

Here are 10 easily-preventable bad habits that cause damage to the teeth.

1. Smoking
Tobacco use is among the leading causes of severe gum diseases around the world. Gum disease starts with bacteria that accumulate on your teeth and under your gums. If bacterias stay on your teeth for too long they develop in layer of plaque. This plaque hardens and turns in tartar over time. In the long run, smoking may even cause tooth loss.

Nicotine is vasoconstriction that reduces the normal blood flow to all organs of your body including gums. This also makes your gums more vulnerable to germs and bacterias. For this reason, it is important to quit smoking. This will improve your oral and overall health.

2. Hard tooth brushing technique
Many people believe that the harder they brush their teeth the better the results will be. However, this strategy may damage both teeth and gums. This irritates gums and leaves small scratches on the enamel where bacterias accumulate and develop in tooth decay. Damaging tooth enamel will also increase tooth sensitivity.

It is important to develop a proper brushing technique to maintain good oral health. Your teeth shouldn’t hurt after brushing and gums shouldn’t be irritated. Your family dentist may help develop good brushing techniques and give recommendations about toothpaste and toothbrush.

3. Highly acidic foods
Acidic foods are another culprit of good oral health. Acids damage the teeth enamel and gums. Weakened enamel makes your teeth more prone to tooth decay, sensitivity, and other dental problems. Even a short term exposure to acids damages your teeth enough to feel discomfort.

To diminish tooth damage caused by acids it is important to know a few simple tips. Rinse your mouth with water after acidic foods. Thus, you may wash acids away from the mouth and decrease their negative effect. If you consume acidic drinks then use a straw. Avoid brushing your teeth immediately after acidic foods. This may damage your enamel, which is already weakened by acids.

4. Toothpicks use
Toothpicks are aimed to hold together the ingredients of your canapes. Using toothpicks to remove food debris, plaque, or tartar between the teeth may damage both enamel and gums. Shoving toothpicks deep between the teeth may even cause them to shift and form gaps.

It is recommended to use a tooth floss instead of toothpicks. Thus, you may remove food debris and avoid damaging the teeth enamel and gums. If you don’t have a tooth floss, then rinse your mouth with water a few times. This will also help you remove food particles from your oral cavity.

5. High sugar intake
High sugar intake is bad for both oral and overall health. It promotes bacterias breeding in the mouth. Bacterias that accumulates on your teeth and gums produce acids that attack your teeth enamel. This may contribute to tooth decay or tooth sensitivity.

High sugar intake also poses a risk to your gums. Excess sugar in the mouth makes your gums more vulnerable to the negative effect of harmful germs and plaque growth. Plaque irritates your gums and can lead to gum disease. It makes your gums bleed, swell, and can contribute to tooth loss.

The best thing you can do to promote your oral health is to reduce sugar consumption. You may also brush your teeth or rinse the mouth with water after sugary foods.

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