If there is one thing that most people really hate to do when they run their own business is to get out there and try and get new leads. It is not always the easiest thing in the world, and cold-calling can be a really terrifying prospect. But, it is something that needs to be done, so you just have to buck up and learn how to deal with rejection. This is going to take a lot of practice and patience on your part, but in the end, it will really be worth it. You don't even have to leave your desk for cold-calling if you do not want to, because you can do a lot over the telephone. Here are five ways to make the process just a little bit easier:

You are helping yourself and the economy: Believe it or not, cold-calling is incredibly important, and it is something that does contribute to the world economy. Even if you do not get sales every time, you are still making contacts, which may come in pretty handy later on down the road. Whenever you turn one of these leads into a sale, you are making money, not only for your company, but also to help bolster the economy. If you are keeping at your cold-calling, you are helping more than just yourself.

It's long, hard work, and there are no shortcuts: Selling has never been something that is easy. If it was, everyone in the world would be sales people. When you are trying to sell anything, you must know that there are no easy routes to success. You need to work, and work hard to get sales. You are going to make a lot of mistakes in the beginning, but as you learn and get more practice at it, you will find that you are being rejected less and less. Don't try to take any shortcuts, and do the hard work, and you will be rewarded.

Practice self-discipline: Being a small business owner makes it really easy to get a little bit lazy and not work as hard as you should. This is all fine and dandy once in a while, but the less you are working, the fewer leads and sales you are going to be getting. You need to learn a little bit of self-discipline, which is going to go a long way. Self-discipline gives you motivation, and this is what you need to get out there and get those leads you want. Push yourself. Do your work, make the most out of all of your time, and you will see results.

Know who you need to talk to: It can often be really difficult to get in to see the leads you want to turn into clients. There are secretaries to get past. Some companies have security people that you have to try to work around. Or, you may not have done your research, and you don't even know the name of the person you are going to see, which is a fatal mistake. Find out before you even visit anyone who it is you need to see. Make your calls only when you have a name. It makes it easier to get past the secretary or gate keeper and you will seem to really have the confidence about what you are doing. Find out who makes the decisions, and make it a point to ask for that person.

Don't sway from your purpose: If you are trying to generate leads, you must remember that people are busy, so you need to get to the point pretty quickly to be able to keep their attention right to the end of your pitch. Plan out every visit you make. Know what questions you will ask in advance (keep things open enough to ask questions based on what your potential customers are saying). You can even use a checklist at first, so you can make sure that you asked all of the questions you need to. Your appointments should be mapped out long before you get there, so you are not wasting anyone's time, and you have the best chance of getting those sales.

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