The demand for trendy footwear never fades away. We see new add ons in the summer/spring collection every year. Recently the runway featured more outdoor and indoor collections that are comfortable and easily wearable for a long time. And as summer and spring are around the corner, it is the right time to hop for a pair or two of new footwear.

We know that we cannot step out often this year for outings, dates, parties, or even for buying essentials frequently. This pandemic has changed our way of living! But, thanks to designers who considered all these pointers and focused on crafting women's sandals that meet all your requirements and go with the trend too.

To carry a chic look along with comfort, we have picked out the five best and trendy footwear collections that must be a part of your wardrobe.

Kitten heels

Kitten heels were the showstopper on the runway this season. It is something that we ladies love to wear for adding a tinge of boldness and colour to your style. These itsy-bitsy heels with oversized studs and single back design add stars to your look. Colours like lemon yellow, lavender, etc., are going to rock this season.

Flip flops

How can we think of summer without flip flops? Every year this footwear steals the heart and comes with a new avatar to enhance your look. In today’s time, we cannot afford to compromise with comfort. We always need quality over anything. So, to meet your expectations, this footwear has been upgraded to the next level. Now, flip flops have thick rubber soles, leather, straps and much more. For adding comfort and bidding adieu to sweat, you can go for Flite flip flops.


It has been around two years, and we are working from home. We have now accepted this as a new normal. And trying to have things that help in adding more comfort to your new lifestyle. While talking about footwear, chic clogs are something that has made work from home sessions easier. This is the year when we can go for classic clogs with chunky details. If you are a fashionista who always goes with the trend, then some super high flatform clogs with different colours is something that should be a must-have in your collection.

Ornate heels

It is time to let your feet do the talking with these appealing ornate heels. Silver, crystal, or goal, all the colours are perfect for enhancing your style statement. Do not go for something that is over the top. For carrying style with a decent look, go for plain designs with some ornamentation to make a statement.

Trendy slides

Slides are always one of the best companions for your feet. It has been the easiest footwear to carry during this work-from-home period. These are the trendiest shoes for women to wear in summer. It is inspired by Birkenstock and will be seen all over the Summer/ Spring runway in 2021.

Final note

So what are you waiting for? Do not waste your time thinking much! Just ask yourself which style suits your personality. Step up and add these ranges to your collection and become the fashionista of your group. Get set to purchase the best women's footwear either online or offline.

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