1 Billion Users.

What started as a humble photo sharing application nearly 8 years ago has burst into the social media scene with tons of new features, algorithm changes and updates along the way elevating the user experience to the beloved Instagram of today, resulting in a whopping 1 billion active users since July 2018.
With such an active (and growing) user base, Instagram is the social media dream. This is the platform where you can let loose your creativity with eye catching pictures and witty captions and brilliant stories through which you can provide your followers a tiny glimpse of your fabulous life.

So what about businesses? Can they leverage the many benefits Instagram has to offer?
Well, as per recent statistics, Instagram is already making waves on the business scene with over 25 million business profiles. As more and more users and advertisers flock to Instagram, ad agencies in Pune are clamoring to capitalize on the multiple business benefits that Instagram has to offer.

However, in order to gain success on Instagram, there are certain steps that businesses need to take. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the number of followers that determines your Insta-success; it is your content, your engagement and your ability to capture your audience.
Creating an Instagram campaign is like creating any other social media campaign. It requires careful planning, loads of research and a dedicated plan. To help you develop an effective Instagram campaign, we have compiled a list of 5 Steps To Your Insta-Success:

Let's take a look:

1.Content is King:
As mentioned above, having a large number of followers is not enough to become successful on Instagram. Simply posting a few pictures with an odd caption here and there is an exercise in futility. As with any other social media platform, building a suitable content strategy is of utmost importance for advertising agencies in Pune. There are 4 steps to an effective content strategy
Research - Study your competitors, find out what kind of posts see the most engagement and pick what works for your business. Having a solid research in place will make it that much easier for you to build an engaging content strategy.
Build - Once you have conducted a thorough study, it is time to build your strategy. Pick and idea or a theme and let your creativity loose! Instagram is the best platform to express yourself in the most creative way possible. Plan out a plethora of posts that will provide a month's worth of engaging content and fit it into a dedicated social media calendar.

Create - Again, go crazy with creativity. The more unique and eye catching your posts, the better it is for your business. Play around with colors, themes, try out witty captions and fun hash tags till you find what works best for your business personality.
Implement- Instagram is a photo sharing app. Which means the main focus of your content should be your image. Invest in photo tools, stellar photography and make sure you post beautifully edited photos that will mesmerize your followers.

The major reason why users unfollow brands is because they feel the content is way too promotional. Incessant ads and product related posts will not just bore your customers but may eventually drive them away. The trick is to find the perfect balance of resourceful and promotional content. One way to do this is to use branded hashtags, memorable, attractive and engaging. Your hashtag will serve as the interactive element between your business and the customers and will portray your business personality successfully.

3.Call to Action:
As said above, the main attraction of Instagram is its beautifully presented visual content. However, without a catchy caption, the image becomes meaningless. The caption is what ties your image to the idea that you are trying to present to your audience. Your captions are the perfect way to use the hashtags mentioned before, update your users about any promotions or advancements, and use call to action phrases. Another way to instigate user action is to provide a link to your website or a promotional page in your Instagram bio.

4.Engage with your followers:
Being a loner on social media isn't really the best way to gain more followers. Being an active participant on Instagram, be it reposting or sharing relevant content or commenting on interesting topics, is a good way to present your brand personality to your followers and build strong social relationships with followers, fans and customers. Also it is important for you as a business to interact with customers who have reached out to you. It doesn’t have to be a descriptive response; simply acknowledging the comment goes a long way. Used correctly, Instagram is the best way for you to gain positive attention and good reviews.

The social media scene is now rife with influencers or personalities who have built their reputation by leveraging social media to their advantage. Connecting with these popular Instagram stars and influencers give companies an edge and will increase your visibility and discussion around your brand. Avoid using robotic and over promotional language while contacting influencers as they receive tons of collaboration requests on a daily basis. Approach them in a way that presents your best aspects and aim towards building a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.
Used correctly, Instagram can be the perfect source of information and entertainment for your followers, which will only help your business grow. Though it may seem a bit daunting to stay on top of the social media scene with the rapid updates and changing trends, the right tools and a little commitment will ensure that your Instagram presence serves the best advantage.
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