“5 Steps to Finding your Purpose and Destiny”
by Marlie Love

I had the great privilege of interviewing Marlie Love for her now available as an e-book “5 Steps to Finding your Purpose and Destiny” published by Bootstrap Publications. In this book, she touches on topics that readers can really relate to. During the interview she told me that she had a personality conflict prior to writing her book, stating “for 28 years, I wasn’t really myself.”
I can relate to that and many readers can too. We live in a world that unfortunately has trained us to rely on unrealistic expectations that stunt personal growth.

In 2020 we do not value or have space for individuality because we all strive to be “that person”.
Who is this person? Someone who has a perfect diet, who handles every problem effectively, who contains anger and is self-reliant. Yet Marlie Love guides you through her book to explore your “true self”. Eventually, in getting to know your “true self” you will be free from all those things that keep you from believing in your dreams. She makes a strong emphasis on her relationship with God that has given her inner strength to overcome her obstacles.
She has not had a perfect life and does not write from a position of superiority.

In fact, she expresses vulnerability in her book “5 Steps to Finding Your Purpose and Destiny”. She writes about not being comfortable with being herself and trying to live up to other’s expectations. She also explains in the interview that she comes from a single-parent home. I can truly relate to that as a single mom. It is not easy to go through parenting without encouragement and support from the other parent.

So, this book excites me and encourages me to find my own inner strength and self-sufficiency which Marlie Love teaches can only happen through a relationship with God. She testifies “that God will never leave you or forsake you” and has relied on God for support and guidance”. When I asked her what her favorite step in the book “5 Steps to Finding Your Purpose and Destiny” she states that it is step number 2 “Finding your Natural Strengths”.

She pushes readers to self-reflect and does not mind where others are so you can focus on where you are and where you want to be. In self-reflection, we must be real with ourselves in order to address issues that keep us procrastinating and, in a rut, which can easily lead to low-self-esteem. Once we get to know ourselves, we become aware of the root of our problems, as we follow God’s guidance and evolve into the person we desire to be.
Marlie Love’s book “5 Steps to Finding your Purpose and Destiny” is not only an account of her own journey through self-discovery but a helpful guide for others looking to do the same for themselves.

Her process has allowed her to evolve into a person who can guide you through your own journey. She currently pursuing her master’s degree in Positive Coaching and has a graduate-level certification in Positive Psychology. She is a virtuous woman who believes in her own skills and wants to lead you into knowing yours so you can also experience the freedom in loving yourself. Especially because God has created you just the way you desire to be!

The following questions will go deeper into understanding the purpose of this new exciting book!

Questions for Marlie Love’s new book:

“5 Steps to Finding Your Purpose and Destiny”

1. Marlie, are you excited about your own journey in discovering more about yourself?

a. I am super excited about my own journey in discovering more about myself. For a good 28 years, I wasn’t really myself. I was portraying someone I “thought” I was, instead of taking the time to find out who God created me to be. It was fun (and a little scary) taking this journey. I went through some hard things on this journey, but I wouldn’t take anything back.

2. What experiences have you gone through that place you in the position to give advice?

a. Once I started my purpose journey, I went back to school and got my graduate certification in Positive Psychology. I’m currently finishing up my Masters in Positive Coaching. Also, I went through each one of these steps. I did the work, so if anyone is like me, I feel if they take the same steps as myself, this will work for them.

3. What obstacles and breakthroughs have you experienced?

a. Not only did I grow up in a one-parent household, but as a child, I was bullied. That early bullying caused me to try to be someone I wasn’t. It showed me early that I wasn’t good enough. This caused me to have an identity crisis… but that identity crisis did allow me to get closer to God and go on this purpose journey.

4. How have the blessings in your life impacted your spirituality?

a. Through everything I’ve been through, God has always been there for me. I’ve had some hard times, and every time, God has pulled me through it. It’s crazy to think about honestly. God is always there and will never leave you or forsake you.

5. You have such a positive and refreshing attitude about writing what is your inspiration?

a. I have a positive attitude because I know what works. I know the absolute truth that I have a purpose, I have a destiny, and God loves me. So, no matter what happens in my life, I can always go to that truth. I don’t really have “one” inspiration, really. People that follow their dreams are the ones that really inspire me.

6. Do you have the intent with your book “5 Steps to Finding Your Purpose and Destiny” to encourage those facing obstacles such as procrastination, insecurity, and low self-esteem?

a. This book is for someone who struggles with procrastination, insecurity, and low self-esteem. When we have procrastination, insecurity, and low self-esteem; we aren’t living our purpose at that time. The more you know yourself, what you’re capable of, and what God thinks of you – the less you’ll have low self-esteem and insecurity. So finding out who you are, can help decrease the negative emotions that may be plaguing your mind.

7. From the 5 steps, what is your favorite step? And how can you apply it to our current lifestyle, as progressive individuals that work every day to better ourselves?
How can you apply to someone in a rut?

I think the easiest step in the book is step number 2. Finding your Natural Strengths. I believe this is the easiest to apply to someone in a rut because it doesn’t take that long to find. There are assessments online you can take to find your natural strengths. I personally love StrengthsFinder.

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I interviewed published author Marlie Love for her new book “5 Steps to Finding your Purpose and Destiny”. In this interview, Marlie speaks on what made her write this book and how she is inspired to help others find their purpose. This book is a great self-help book that can encourage readers to pursue their calling.