In order to get the most out of your next (or first) psychic reading, it’s important to focus your intentions. Spending some time on these five steps will help you to have a better, more positive experience.

1. Why do you want a reading?

This may seem like a silly question, but people have all kinds of reasons for seek¬ing a psychic reading. Some enjoy the pure entertainment value and are not necessarily looking for any serious dialogue (this is perfectly fine, by the way!). Some have specific career, money, relationship or love questions. Others are seeking spiritual guidance or healing. Still others want validation of their own intuitive sense about a situation or relationship. A few are looking for a longer-term relationship with a guide who can help them on a journey toward achieving their Highest and Best Good.

If you’re seeking contact with a loved one who has passed over, you want to hire a medium. All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums!

It’s important to be clear about what you expect to get out of a reading before you decide which practitioner to hire. A psychic reading has the potential to give you important insight into your feelings and actions, and can help you feel more confident about your own intuitive guidance. But that can happen only if you are willing to allow someone to tell it like it is, rather than tell you what you want to hear. You may not be ready for that, so honestly assess yourself and your motives before you move on to step two.

2. Who should you ask to give you a reading?

The best way to find a psychic is through a personal recommendation. If you don’t have that, or if you think you are looking for something different, let your intuition “guide you while you Google.”

Once you’ve identified a few potential psychics, check them out thoroughly. Read their website and look for reviews or testimonials from clients.

Many psychics have free online radio shows on platforms like BlogTalk Radio or Achieve Radio. That’s a great way to eavesdrop on their reading style! When you listen, pay attention to how they talk to callers, because that is probably how they will talk to you. Style is important: Are you looking for someone blunt and assertive or gentle and soft-spoken?

The red flags on websites or when listening to a psychic do a reading are usually obvious: Guaranteed results. Curse or spell removals (for large sums of money). If you read or hear anything that makes you feel intimidated or frightened, or you simply get a bad vibe, then that is not the right psychic for you. A good psychic will not make you feel badly about yourself, but will be positive and life-affirming. Note this does not necessarily mean s/he will tell you what you want to hear!

3. Preparing for your reading

Now that you’ve found your psychic, make sure the arranged date, time, and place are all comfortable for you. You don’t want to have to worry about someone interrupting you or overhearing your private conversation.

Find out ahead of time whether the reading will be recorded, or if you will need to keep notes during the reading. Write down the question or questions you would like the psychic to read on. The more specific your questions are, the more specific your answers will be.

Be respectful and assume that the work you put in to identifying your psychic has paid off. Do not ask “test” or “trick” questions, and please don’t try to deliberately mislead or stonewall the psychic. This only hurts you. If you find yourself compelled to do this, ask yourself why you are so resistant. You wanted this reading!

Immediately before your reading, put yourself into a calm frame of mind, perhaps with 5-10 minutes of meditation or prayer before the call or meeting. The more centered and peaceful you are, the more you will get out of the experience.

Please be prepared to respect the time limits of the session length you’ve chosen. If you find you have too many questions for the allotted time and you feel the psychic is in tune with you, ask to book another session. Don’t try to push for additional time in the current appointment ... and beware of the psychic who pushes you to keep the reading going past the allotted time!

4. Things to remember during your reading

Keep an open mind… but also keep your common sense. If a psychic insists he or she knows you better than you know yourself, tries to frighten you, shouts at you, makes you feel small or weak, or proclaims you’re cursed and the only way to get free is to send money, end the reading right away!

However, even during a good reading, you may hear things that don’t make sense at the time. Sometimes information received from Spirit isn’t always perfectly clear at the time of your reading. Just take it in and sit with it. You can always discard it later. Give it a few days, and you may find that it resonates.

While your psychic may tell you things that are hard to hear, you should leave the session feeling supported and heard. You should have received meaningful answers to your questions, too!

5. After the reading

Remember that a reputable psychic does not encourage your dependence. S/he will not try to “chase you down” to force you to make another appointment, or follow up with “new information”. Again, you created this relationship, and you can end it.

Disreputable psychics prey on perceived weaknesses, or on seeming to fulfill your deepest desires, so be strong in your own convictions and intuitive sense about any post-reading interaction.

With your preparation and planning, however, you hopefully had a positive experience. If so, do something positive to spread the word. Let others know, by either telling them personally, or writing an online review. And psychics love to get validation, so let them know what effect the reading had on you.

Following these five steps will help you to have a more productive experience, whether you are preparing for your first or fiftieth psychic reading. And remember, a psychic can only give you a snapshot of what might be. You always have the power to create the future you desire! Trust your vibes and use your innate intuitive abilities to guide you on your journey.

Author's Bio: 

Karen Hager is an intuitive guide and psychic channel. As The Fog City Psychic, she specializes in helping people who are in transition receive Spirit-led information about their next steps. Karen teaches intuitive development and is the host of the popular weekly radio show “Out of the Fog.” For more information about Karen and her work, please visit