A voice that lacks color is dull and uninteresting. It also says something about you, as the speaker, which may or may not be true. If you speak in a monotone, how do you think others perceive you? A few words that come to my mind are cold, indifferent, and unemotional. Do those words describe you? If so, there are 5 steps you can take to immediately change that perception.

For the following suggestions, stand in front of a mirror and watch yourself. I would also recommend that you do this in private. Understand that you will have to allow yourself to express your emotion. For whatever reason, you have spent your entire life keeping your feelings inside. You will now have to let go of your inhibitions and give yourself permission to be expressive.

1. Say I couldn’t possibly do that, emphasizing the word possibly. Shake you head back and forth as you say it in a negative manner.

2. Do it again and this time furrow your brow as you shake your head.

3. Say I can do it and nod your head up and down as you say it as if you were saying it in agreement.

4. This time say I can do it with confidence and fortitude. Imagine that you did not think you could do it, but now you realize you can.

Did you notice a difference in your expression between these different means of expression? Now do them again and record yourself so that you can listen to your voice. Was there a difference in how you sounded between the positive and negative statements?

You may not be successful the first time you try these exercises because you are going to have to ‘let go’ for this to work. Remember, you have spent a lifetime comfortable with your flat or monotone delivery. When you can finally let go, you will think that you don’t sound natural. Here is where a camcorder (or even your flip video) will come in handy. The camcorder will prove that speaking with emotion is much more natural than speaking in a monotone voice.

5. Next time you answer the phone, smile. As simple as this may seem, it really does work. The person on the other end of the line will perceive your smile in the tone of your voice.

You can make this change if you really want to, however, you will need to break some old habits and begin to establish new ones. You may have thought that allowing your emotions to be seen and heard was a weakness. On the contrary, it is a strength.

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The Voice Lady Nancy Daniels offers private, corporate and group workshops in voice and presentation skills as well as Voicing It!, the only video training program on voice improvement. Visit Voice Dynamic and discover the best means of adding some life to your voice and your delivery.

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