What’s on your head when you think of a market strategy for orthodontic practice?

Most of us might answer commercial ads such as local magazine and newspapers. These traditional methods can be expensive and can be short-lived and ineffective.

Today’s generation, social media strategy creates remarkable, shareable marketing content. Not only is it an easier strategy, but also a cheaper way to advertising, social media marketing helps convert patients into promoters for your practice, bringing in new patients through word-of-mouth—the best way to develop your practice.

Although social media/online marketing is vital to the success of any small businesses. Online has allowed greater access to information – this means patients have options and do more research before deciding on a practice. That is why you as an orthodontist must have a good marketing program that attracts more patients who understand the value and services you provide.

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Below we provided five ideas for orthodontists to kick-start their marketing effort on a blog or social media.

1. Make Starting Orthodontic Treatment Fun and Resourceful

Celebrate the beginning of treatment with a photo or a quick video post on how to floss properly with braces or a meme that tells a fun fact of the day. These posts show that you are knowledgeable and care about your patients. People like to research first for good information before having to pick up the phone and book a schedule with you. Make your website and social media a little resourceful for good advice and DIY videos!

2. Create Opportunities for Patients to Snap and Share Selfies

Remember that the most effective online marketing strategy are posts from your actual patients, and not from you. When a patient snaps a photo at your practice, post it on their own account, then tags your practice, all their friends will see what a great experience they had with you!

Ask your patients to tag the orthodontic office FB business page. Then share the post on your own Facebook business page for greater visibility.

3. Show Your Practice Culture by Sharing Team Photos

The best way to kickstart social media pages is to share photos of your team. Write blogs or social media posts about your team doing good things like walking in a charity to raise money or going out to lunch or celebrating a holiday. Giving staff members a time to shine online will help patients connect to your practice in a positive way.

4. Patients/Clients Testimonials are important

Try to post a comment from a customer about what a great experience they had at your practice and how they recommend you and your practice. You can also share a “Patient of the Day” or “Team Member of the Day” post congratulating them on an accomplishment, or just expressing your appreciation. Showing interest in the lives of your patients and staff is a powerful way to build relationships.

5. Run a Survey or a Dental Campaign

Run a fun survey like “What food are you craving after your braces come off?” or “What are the best color rubber bands for a month?” and post the results to see how many patients of your will participate in the survey. Remember to invite your patients and encourage them to share it for a chance to win a prize. The prizes and freebies can entice your patients to join your fun survey.

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