An effective test prep program can go a long way, especially for the ACT Math test. That is, it can take you to the grounds of your chosen college and move closer to your future academic and career goals. Most students find the ACT Math test to be daunting, considering that it is a complicated subject. Then again, prepare and practice. These are the best antidotes to your fear of the ACT Math.

The most important tip that you have to remember about this test is that you shouldn’t keep yourself in the dark. Don’t go blind when taking the ACT Math test. Be in the know of what you’re going to expect in the exam. Primarily, you have to note that there are 60 questions in the Math section that you have to accomplish in 60 minutes. It means that you have exactly 1 minute to respond to each question. Take into account that the questions in the ACT Math vary in difficulty. When it comes to this, be prepared to answer easy, medium and hard questions. In particular, here are 5 valuable tips about how to ace the ACT Math test:

• Be particular about the small details. In many instances, test takers say that they missed some items in the Math test because of their “stupid mistakes”. These could have been prevented if only they took effort in noticing the details. These students actually knew the information about the items, but they rushed on to guessing or skipping some numbers because of anxiety or neglect. Math problems in the ACT test have been designed to test students’ ability to interpret a specific number, symbol, graphic or word.

• Be strategic in tackling multiple-choice questions. There’s no need for you to enter numerics in your answer sheet in the Math section because the questions are all multiple choice. Apparently, the correct answers to every Math problem in the test are right in front on you. All you have to do is pick them out. This said, you have to learn how to think logically and strategically. In your ACT Math test prep, determine how to eradicate wrong answers and deal with tricky questions.

• Use effective and reliable ACT Math test resources. You need all the test prep help that you can if you want to pass the Math section with flying colors. Don’t settle for incompetent and low quality test prep materials. Such references are not the same when it comes to quality and credibility. Online as well, choose items that provide valuable tutorials, advice and practice guides. Try visiting social media pages to refer to the advice and ideas of other test takers. Efficient and expert blogs can be helpful, too.

• Use the calculator sparingly. Make it a deliberate decision to make use of the calculator during your test prep. Restrain your use of that gadget. Although using a calculator is allowed on the ACT test, be wary because excessive tinkering of it can be a trap. As you prepare for the test, hone your skills on mental math and estimation. You’ll realize that these methods can help you arrive at the answers more quickly. Enhance your accuracy by writing down problems in the subject. Be wary because there is a tendency to enter the wrong number in a calculator.

• Be informed about what is contained in the Math test and do sufficient practice. Be aware of the topics that are included in the test. The main purpose of this is to take you out of the dark, or else you’ll be overwhelmed with what you’ll encounter in the test. Get hold of pertinent and credible informational sources and practice guides. As your practice, evaluate your strong and weak points. Concentrate on what you need to work on and practice on honing your skills pertaining to the 5 most featured Math topics in the test.

The ACT Math section is the most topic-based compared to the rest. It requires specific information, that’s why many test takers find it rigorous. Memorize formulas and techniques and be consistent with your ACT Math test prep to boost your chances of passing and acing the exam.

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