There’s no doubt that this world experiences the evolution of new technologies every now and then.  Smart home technology is one of them which have given rise to a better and smarter way of managing homes. Wireless connectivity, AI or voice assistants, cloud computing, smart phones, and sensors are to thanks for it. Besides, the real cause of growing use of smart home technology in Australia and even other parts of the world is to make houses much safer as well as eco-friendly. With smart home equipment you can keep tab on almost everything while being physically away. With right kind of integrations and setup, you can get real-time notifications of the kids getting home, doors being locked or if the lights are on.

If you have plans to make your home smarter, here are explained some cost-friendly smart home technology equipment that you can get for your home today.

 #1 Advanced Lightening

Lights must be your first consideration if you are planning to convert your home into a smart home. With smart lightening set up, households can have full control remotely over the lights fitted in the residence through their smart phones. Those lights are synchronised with voice assistants, like Google Voice Assistant or Amazon Alexa. So, one can just switch on or switch off lights by giving just a voice command.

#2 Security controls

Home cannot be called home until it is safe and secure. So, make sure to consider security as a priority when you transform your residence into a smart home. Get intelligent cameras, advanced and automated locks, and also motion detectors to become aware of any suspicious entries or movements in your premises. Smart security also includes pairing windows and any doorways with sensors to prevent thefts or burglaries. 

#3 Kitchen appliances

Kitchen being an elementary part of the home need to be made smarter too.  Refrigerators and coffee machines, automatic fryers, smart ovens are some of intelligent kitchen appliances that you can use to make your kitchen superior in every way. While the fridge can regulate temperature automatically according to the foods stored, smart oven can be remotely controlled to preheat, set cooking times and turned-off automatically.  Smart coffee makers are adopted to respond to morning alarms to start brewing coffee at the time it is most needed.

#4 Home cleaning equipment

Smart cleaning equipment includes robot vacuum cleaner, lawnmowers, and mop sticks. All of them are equipped to respond to voice commands of Google Assistants or Siri or Alexa. Thus, households just need to say words and watch the respective equipments do all the cleaning.

#5 Smart TV and Audio Systems

While life is typically boring without entertainment, make your home’s audio and video installation smarter. Smart Television will broadcast movies, TV shows, live channels and online streaming channels like Netflix and Foxtel. Integrate with video installations with smart audio systems like wireless speakers, sound bars and surround sound to get ultimate theatre experience at home. 

While smart technologies have eased the lives of people and helped them save money by reducing wastes of power or electricity, there is another side of the story. Making smart home is not that simple. It is only easier when you have the right electrical partner to equip your home with all smart home technology equipments in an affordable way.


Author's Bio: 

Rodney Zammit is an expert technician who has incredible knowledge on smart equipment and technologies. He guides households on smart home technology in Australia and suggests them complete smart home technology solutions that will suite their home’s specific needs.