The trend of 5-bedroom McMansions is out and smaller, more compact, yet more practice homes are in. Smaller homes, in general, are easier to maintain and more sustainable. But there are a lot of hurdles to overcome to fully enjoy a small home. Here are a couple of tips to help guide you in your small home remodel.

1. Start with adding storage

One of the most popular issues the small houses have is storage space. A small house simply does not have the storage capacity that other bigger homes have. On this note, when you're thinking of remodeling your home, adding more storage space should be on your priority list. This will also help with the clutter that small homes tend to have.

There are plenty of innovative storage design ideas you can incorporate into your home. You can, of course, install shelves as well as rotating cupboards to maximize the space. There is the option to add a cabinet in the bathroom. In the kitchen, instead of putting pots and pans on shelves, you can hang them instead. The spaces underneath the beds can be converted into drawers and space underneath the stairs can be converted into a storage space.

2. Lighting

An important thing to remember when it comes to lighting small spaces is to go for bright lights as these make rooms and hallways appear bigger. Mirrors are also a nice way to bounce the light around the room to distribute it evenly as well as make a room more spacious for an easier time to check over here. A renovation could also be a chance to replace old curtains and blinds with new ones. There are a ton of stylish and affordable options to choose from. The choice of material will depend on your use and budget. For more visual appeal, go for cloth and wood blinds but synthetic wood and aluminum options are also good choices for the home.

3. Multipurpose rooms

Any small homeowner will know the fine art of using a room for a different purpose. It is only in big houses that one room is dedicated to a single-use. For smaller homes, it's more practical to use the living room as a guest room by having a pullout couch. Or a home office can also serve as a guest room or library. You could use the den as a workout studio.

In designing a multipurpose room, keep in mind to only include furniture that also has multiple functions or at least can easily be folded away. A sofa that converts into a bed is one option or a work table that can be dismantled and put away to free up space. You can also put in a couple of shelves to store things instead of a closet.

4. Bunk Beds

Any house with limited space will ultimately have a bunk bed in one of the bedrooms, often the kid's room. But bunk is used as a guest bed. The great thing with bunk beds is they can serve multiple purposes other than for sleeping. Built-in bunk beds made for the children's rooms can be modified into a sort of loft with the lower bed converted into a work table or closet space. For store-bought bunk beds, when not in use, the upper deck could be used as temporary storage for extra linens and pillows. And these beds can be disassembled and stored when not in use to free up the room for other uses.

5. Make use of small spaces

Do you have an extra unused closet in your home? Why not transform it into a makeshift workstation. Making use of every available space in a small home is the main theme when it comes to small house remodel projects. The most obvious use for these spaces is more storage but you can use it for other things. An extra shelf can be made to hold books; a free cabinet in the kitchen can be used to store wine bottles or as a place to store spices. An unused corner in your living area, with some bean bags and cushions, can be converted into a comfortable reading nook.

As for homes with high ceilings, a lofted area could serve as, you guessed it, more storage or as an extra bedroom. It doesn't even have to have enough standing height. Crawling around in a lofted space is part of its charm.

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