It’s true what they all say about not knowing what you have until it’s gone. We’re absolutely sure every girl reading this has her own unique story of how her mum would slather her face with DIY concoctions, blends that were created using age-old secrets from the kitchen. Fast forward to today, we would love to indulge in some self-care to keep up with our skin’s health with these natural and potent ingredients. We, at Vanity Wagon, bring you clean beauty brands that are formulated using safe, non-toxic, and organic ingredients that your mother would approve of.

Apart from the skin and hair care benefits, these products are sure to teleport you to simpler times, advising you to slow down to rethink your choices and switch to sustainability. Here, we bring you an array of our favourite clean beauty products to reimagine your vanity with the goodness of nature.

Ohria Ayurveda Honey & Coconut Milk Hair Cleanser, Shampoo For Normal & Dry Hair

This all-natural beauty is enriched with honey and coconut milk that smells delicious. You can certainly mistake it for your smoothie break. Its nourishing ingredients like coconut milk, aloe vera, jojoba, and honey are fused with haircare heroes’ amla, shikakai, and reetha to deeply cleanse and hydrate the scalp. This shampoo won’t let your hair shed like autumn leaves and promises to offer all the strength it requires for looking healthy and lustrous.

Sova Patchouli & Sweet Almond Conditioner

Add this patchouli and sweet almond conditioner to your hair care routine and give life back to your treated hair. It’s nourishing and revitalizes dry hair by adding strength, hydration, and vitality. Use a generous amount to leave your hair bouncy, shiny, and healthy after every wash.

MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub with Coconut

Give your skin the gift of Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub - a scrub crafted from Pure Arabica Coffee and Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. It helps in sloughing away all the dry, dead skin and awakens your skin while stimulating the blood flow. Trust us, it’s better than your morning coffee!

Neemli Naturals Turmeric Root and Olive Squalane Elixir

If you have a combination skin that gets extremely dry too, then this one's for you. This turmeric root and olive squalane elixir is infused with anti-inflammatory properties to heal and soothe skin. It is a natural antioxidant with regenerative properties of seabuckthorn, hemp, and other oils to replenish the skin without leaving it greasy.

Ruby's Organics Smoked Kohl Eyeliner, Black

Are you that girl who does not step out of the house without wearing a kajal? Hey there, this one's for you. This beauty glides like a dream and is powered with the goodness of shea and mango butter. It is designed to moisturize the sensitive eye area and gives you the desired smudge-proof look for hours.

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