Today, social media have become key channels marketing strategies, thanks to the possibilities offered to bring the brand to your target audience and to obtain information about the needs and habits of thereof.

Although social media marketing is no longer an entirely new trend, it is also true that for many brands, especially small and medium-2.0 world is a little explored area so designing actions on these platforms can be a road full of mistakes and setbacks that rather than favoring affect the brand reputation and image.

So, gathering information from various media, we share with our readers five sins that social media strategies can not commit:

1.-not develop a voice
Sometimes the concern of brands to create an image "right" social media leads them to make too shy or publications that cannot go straight aligned to the same philosophy.
The social media strategy should be of concern, as one of the basic pillars-in giving a voice, only human and the brand with the intention that their communications unified vision and philosophy of the brand with the image to display their consumers.

2.-Wait for answer
One of the great advantages that social media offer, we maintain a nearly two-way communication in real time. Think of a strategy to respond to an immediate audience-insofar as possible-not a priority, it will be a serious mistake that will hurt the image of the brand.

Recall that the speed with which information flows in social media, brands should think of strategies that consider the equipment, human capital and time to respond and cater to his audience almost every time.

3.-Understand the platforms as separate channels
Many brands have presence in various social channels, with various features that are specific and unique to what posts made to these media should have particular characteristics.
While communication for each social network or a blog, for example, must be adapted to the different dynamics of each medium, it is also true that independently treat each of these spaces will be a serious mistake. Do not forget that it comes to giving a voice, unique and easily recognizable so it is important to think in integrated strategy .

4.-Bet all for contests and promotions
The contests, games and promotions are one of the best ways to keep the interest of the target audience and attracting the attention of new users.

However, abuse of this resource will eventually bring only "game promotions" that do not really contribute to the development of the brand, which can only aspire to create a community without foundations loose and will not help.

5.-Trying to get to the public in all media
One of the great advantages of social media is the ability to generate engagement between the brand and its consumers.
In order to achieve this goal is possible to fall into the trap of trying to be on all platforms to the public. To generate loyal and committed relationships, not about being everywhere and for all is necessary to segment the audience.

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