Some people believe that it takes luck to get out of poverty and live a prosperous life. Actually, there are millions of poor individuals and families all around the world. But why is there poverty in some rich and developed countries? Simply because wealth is not acquired automatically. There are steps that must be taken, here they are:
1- Gratitude: everyone should be grateful that they have the necessary resources to produce wealth. It is essential to acknowledge that one has what it takes to become wealthy. We all come into this life with a body and all the organs inside it, along with the most powerful computer on earth, which is the human brain. Most people are born with two eyes, two ears, nose, tongue, two hands and ten fingers, two legs and ten toes but they are rarely grateful for those resources. Did you notice that most products sold in the market today are directly or indirectly made by human hands? Machines are built and operated with human hands. Be grateful for your hands and they will work miracles.
2- Self-confidence: we need to believe in ourselves and our ability to grow and become what we want us to be. We need to tell ourselves at least ten times a day that we can be what we want to become. We can have the house with beautiful furniture and spacious garden. We can visualize our future and create wonderful pictures in our mind about the future we desire. We have the freedom to do so and we all have enough time to imagine our bright future every day. Actually, it takes about 10% of our daily hours to visualize our dream life. But that short time will be a source of long years of joy and prosperity.
3- Innovation: anybody can try and experiment everyday in order to be able to invent useful services or products that will be marketable all round the world. In fact, most inventors have failed hundreds of times before finding success. We probably know the story of Thomas Edison who failed thousands of times before discovering how to produce a light bulb. One of the inventions that I find impressive is the Braille writing system which was invented by a blind French boy. If a blind person had the capacity to invent, everyone should dare to try and discover new tools or products.
4- Generosity: I found out during three decades of observation that when I give something, I am given something. We always reap what we sow, but let us make sure that we only sow what is good .We can be generous without giving away money. We can share many things more precious than money such as a genuine smile, great advice, sincere compliments, hugs and many other kind acts.
5- Specific goals: we need to have a goal record or a goal sheet and write down what we want to have, including the dates on which we want to achieve those goals. It is not enough to just write “ I want to be rich after many years ”, we need to write down how much money we desire to have on a specific date so that later on ,we can find out how close to the goal we are . A clear goal would be something like this: “I want to have 1 million dollars by the second of January 2014.

The five steps do not need to be taken in this order but each step is essential and must be taken regularly .If you find it challenging to take those steps, please let me walk with you and guide you to the success you dream about.

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Haingo Heriniaina Rajaonarison is the founder and CEO of RAJAONARISON INTERNATIONAL. He has designed three home study courses entitled: Everybody is a manager, How to invest your 16 hours for your success and The Malagasionaires. Those materials are on the way to “best-sellerhood”.When your company needs a first or additional workshop or seminar on eco-leadership and synergy, please visit our website: