Change is a complex idea that can cause some to quiver just from the word alone. Resistance reinforces the fear that goes hand and hand with change. "The fear of the unknown" is a phrase well known by most and how true it is. The newness of any given situation can be enough to either scare a person beyond belief or provide one with the courage to strive full speed ahead.

Over time, a willing individual can turn transformations into a heart felt, positive of experience. When we were in grade school, different occurrences happened each year - a new teacher, school, friends, but it was the comprehension of change that forced the ability to conquer each year. Accepting the fear can help one gain a kind of friendship with it, in turn, pushing one to move forward, inevitably.

1. Welcome every change for what it is: Be willing to express change as something great and never before seen by your eyes. New and fresh concepts and alterations are not always great, but how will one know if they never try. Have an open mind and maintain a positive mind for the potential that lies ahead by thinking of the abundance of opportunity and chance occurrences that can manifest from one, fearless leap in any direction, expect backwards of course.

The enemy of fear becomes a distraction, rather than an expectation of any sort. A closed mind cannot properly plant the seeds to make the mind blossom and then expect it to grow without a healthy base and drive to do so. This will only work when one is ready to release all bounds and show appreciation for what fear helped them overcome.

2. Stop the worry: Worrying is never a good emotion to dwell upon for anyone. The health risks alone associated with a worrisome nature can prevent enduring a happy and constructive life.

These are only some of associated results of worry to mention:
-Headaches or migraines
-Extreme turmoil can evolve into emotions, such as: Envy, jealously, fear, paranoia, despair, discouragement, self-hatred, abusive (verbal, physically, or mentally), doubt, irritability, panic, anxiety, and so many more
-Lack or increase of appetite
-Relationship complications/abuse - verbal or other
-Nausea or G.I. issues
-Muscle pain and/or weakness, overall fatigue
-Rapid heart rate (tachycardia), dizziness, fainting, loss of consciousness
-Coronary Artery Disease (CAD - prematurely) or even HEART ATTACKS

The above items mentioned should paint a serious and unhealthy picture for those whom are consumed by the state of worry. It is an emotion that can affect anyone, anytime.

Treatments, prevention techniques, and advice:
-Think more positively: Lift the entire attitude realm by thinking of a positive time of life through memories or future events to come --- use the imagination, that is what it is there for
-Seek serenity in nature or serene place, even a vacation
-Smile and laugh at every opportunity
-Visualize the “why” of worry or write out the pros and cons to physically evaluate the issue first hand
-Seek support: Friends, family, counselor, therapist, Physiologist or any mental health professional to help better control the behavior and mental battle

More than likely, the worry is never as bad as it seems and sincere efforts to improve will not go unnoticed. Think to yourself as often as possible, "I will be okay and I can beat this". Make yourself believe these words and know giving up is not an option. You can succeed to be worry-free.

3. Relaxation: The word "relaxation" cannot be realized or even make one think "Relax! What's that?". Well, think of relaxation as such a major need in life just as we need water to survive. The chaos created either by us or for us can create stressful and unneeded moments that can be prevented if relaxation methods are practiced and preached.

Encourage inner abilities to rid the struggle and amplify the release of daily struggles to shed the barriers stress tends to cause.

Some relaxation techniques to practice incorporating into your life:
-Deep and Slow Breathing: Breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. These are referred to as "calming breaths". Continue to breathe this way until more calm and centered. This can help one achieve a more concentrated mind set.
-Find a new hobby to force the entire mind to think into a new direction or mode of thinking. Do something without a lot of thought, unless it is something that works best for you, yet make this hobby accessible.
-Soothing music

Fulfill inner relaxation needs the body and mind deserve and need to be humbled.

4. Sleep: Without an adequate amount of sleep, then routine tasks or challenges that arise can become overwhelming. 7-8 hours of sleep is an adequate amount to attain the level of focus and concentration needed to conquer the day.

Some major issues lack of sleep can cause:
-Motivation and concentration: This is a major concern for those who drive after a sleepless night or lack there of.
-Irritability, anxious, depression, and sudden bouts of uncontrolled emotions, such as laughter one moment and anger another
-Muscle weakness and overall fatigue
-Affect the brain’s ability to retain memories and information
-Severe sleep deprivation can result in obesity, heart disease and premature mortality in some cases.

The risks are real, but can improve the quality and quantity of life. Take care of the mind and body to give it the sleep it needs to function the best it can as a result of sleeping well.

5. Elements of our senses: Smell, taste, touch, hear and see are all elements we need to cherish. Each of these 5 senses reveal a level of cognizance ranging to a higher power that we are fortunate to have been provided. Every sense is a gift and a blessing.

When was the sunset last watched up to the moment the sun went below the horizon?

When did you last stand outside to gaze at the nature we have been blessed with and feel the wind brush along your body?

When was the last time you sat outside to listen to birds sing?

When were a few extra moments taken to smell flowers?

When did you last sit to eat a meal and simply savored the food?

Please ask yourselves these types of questions to remember the importance each of our senses provide. Our senses are gifts to be treated as such.

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Mandy has always been able to look at each issue within life as if the cup were half full. She has learned to never settle for any venture in life; however, all journeys are to be embraced as personal and professional challenges. Each and every opportunity should be seen as the ground for initiating growth, intellect and experience. Mandy takes anyone or anything for granted, because she gives every task, each part of her heart and soul to ensure objectives are successfully achieved.

After managing for a number of years, Mandy learned how invaluable life is, including human drive to meet desires by never giving up on dreams, even when life is at its worst. As a writer, a host of her own blog, and her general love for life has inspired her to help others see life for what it is...A miracle.

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