There are moments in each of our lives when we know small steps need to be taken in the hope to attain and maintain major, life changing outcomes and new abilities. The problem being, some are not sure what step needs to be taken to get actually get there.

1. Stay positive: There is never a need to be negative when one can be positive. Is there someone, a current person in your life, that comes to you for support each time they fail due to lack of being positive? Do you think about how your actions may reflect the same way when you try to maintain or gather success for yourself? Does this person in your life seem to have the same cycle occur over and over that then develops into them being more negative? Does their negatively then weigh on you as well?

Below are the astounding results found in those thinking positively versus negatively. They portray such vast influential qualities allowing others to seek them for assistance.

> Enjoy life more effectively, naturally, and fully
> Rarely encounter depression from fear or overwhelming situations
> More outgoing, more confident and more able to effectively achieve goals
> Offer a helping hand - purely and serve as an empathetic ear with more passion
> Less stress factors by working through problems, rather than dwelling on things they cannot change
> Motivated problem-solvers: Able to find or attempt to discover impossible answers

A positive mind is able to create and execute their challenges successfully by bringing the pure belief in themselves to reality for desired motives.

2. Practice to master meditation: Meditation can help one center their life more freely to become more centered in their overall mind and body. It is the most comprehensive chance the body and mind will have simultaneously in utter harmony. This technique allows one to reach a “state of being” after much practice and patience.

This step-by-step guide below id for those looking for a simple and effective method to grasp the meditative concepts. It can take weeks, months, or even years to master; therefore, keep practicing and do not give up and stay positive..

>>>Mandy Zadoorian’s Step-By-Step Guide For Practicing Meditation<<<
Note: Find methods that work best for you --- practice is encouraged.

Step #1.  Find a place that is reduced from the world’s daily distractions. I recommend stretching prior to beginning. This will suit concentration.

Step #2. Sit down and begin to focus your mind and body. Make sure surroundings are comfortable and humble. Rid all distractions, although light music does help some. Learn comfort levels of your own to find the ultimate method for you with trial and error.

Step #3. Start by relaxing each body part one-by-one from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head. Visualize each body part to be individually relaxing and physically begin to do the same by loosing each part as visualizing. While coming closer to your head with each visualized step, the body is slowing letting go as if each body were separate entities from your body frame. At this point, one is becoming more limp, more passive, yet comfortable and aware. Begin to imagine the body, heart and mind to be to be one, while keeping in mind each part can successfully communicate with one another to maintain the level of contentment by easing idiosyncrasies.

Step #4. Once the body and mind are completely relaxed, you can do one of two things, have eyes opened or closed. Either way, staying awake is what is needed to acquire a total state of being, even if for only a moment. There can be a number of times one falls asleep, but do not become frustrated and use this as a tool for the future to learn from. It may be that simple changes of positioning or time of day need to be made when practicing if sleep becomes a major concern. Some focus with a candle, picture, or something incorporating centered mind frame.

If objects do not work well, then presume concentration on breathing each and every breath taken. Focus entire energy on exhaling and inhaling, while breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth repetitively and slowly.

Step #5: When you are finished, remember to gives thanks and appreciation for the moments your body, heart and mind spent together as one, even if the state was not accomplished this time. You will achieve medication if you practice often and remained centered.

3. Rewards: We have a tendency to forget who we are and that we too need an extra boost sometimes. Go shopping, get a massage, go to the movies or have date night with a buddy or partner, but whatever you choose to do have fun doing it. Do the rewarding activity as often as you can to give back to you! and do it as often as possible. This can reduce stress and get the mind of racing thoughts from the work or home day. A change of environment is key.

4. Trusting Intuition: Intuition speaks through the subconscious mind telling one what they should do or not do, although it is fully in the hands of every person to listen or not. One must learn to trust in themselves to reap the full rewards our intuition has to give. More importantly, make sure you know how the mind recognizes thoughts. The subconscious mind basis every decision one makes over and over with repeated thought patterns, including previous emotions. If one has an opened mind, then intuition is enabled and even heightened. Remain balanced and use the subconscious mind to conquer negative outcomes and/or thoughts. This can sharpen ones mind to assist with thoughts to be more accurate and effective after one begins to trust and listen to their voice.

5. Stop the Drama Factor: One chooses to cease the drama cycle within life or not. Drama comes from creating one’s own insecurities and keeping them upon the surface at others expense or their own. Negative individuals are not secure in how they feel about various areas of who they are/or probably want to being more positive, but do not know what direction to follow. Removing yourself from the equation is the only way to no longer give into others’ words of betrayal or insecurities onto you or even others whom you care about.

Using these transformation options are thought of as taking baby steps in the grand scheme of things, but one can gain so much more potential to their lives when small steps are made, in turn, gaining massive benefits and rewards for their mind, body, and soul.

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Mandy has always been able to look at each issue within life as if the cup were half full. She has learned to never settle for any venture in life; however, all journeys are to be embraced as personal and professional challenges. Each and every opportunity should be seen as the ground for initiating growth, intellect and experience. Mandy takes anyone or anything for granted, because she gives every task, each part of her heart and soul to ensure objectives are successfully achieved.

After managing for a number of years, Mandy learned how invaluable life is, including human drive to meet desires by never giving up on dreams, even when life is at its worst. As a writer, a host of her own blog, and her general love for life has inspired her to help others see life for what it is...A miracle.

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