Vanities and cabinets are essential components of your bathroom space. One of the dramatic changes that are brought to the bathroom space is by the cabinets! Besides concealing the plumbing of the sink, it also provides storage space. You need to remove the existing vanity cabinet before you install a new one. Getting rid of the old vanity has been made simpler with the following steps:

Step 1: Shut off the water supply and disconnect the water supply tubes:

So before you begin the task, make sure that the water supply through the hot and cold outlets has been shut down. The renowned professionals who manufacture bathroom cabinets in Brisbane install shut off valves just below the sink. To be on the safe side, you must shut down the valve for the home’s main water supply.

Step 2: Removal of drainpipe:

Next, you will have to disassemble the drain pipe. The P-trap is full of wastewater so place a bucket under it. Loosen the outermost slip nuts and remove the P-trap. Use tongue and groove pliers to do this task with full efficiency. Slide the nuts away and carefully remove the trap assembly and dump the wastewater in the bucket.

Step 3: Remove the wall mirror and cut the caulk joints:

The proficient cabinet makers in Brisbane keep mirror as a definite part of the cabinets. Since the mirror rests on the cabinet countertop, it will be easier to break open the mirror while cabinet disassembly.

Use a sharp knife to cut through the caulk and cut through the point where the vanity meets the wall and also around places where the cabinet meets the countertop. 

Step 4: Remove the vanity top:

A common reason why the vanity cabinet is removed is due to the dull appearance of the countertop. So you must get your new cabinet designed by the skilled bathroom cabinet makers in Brisbane as they choose sturdy and attractive countertop materials. Unscrew the clips and brackets that hold the countertop to the vanity cabinet. Pull the countertop from the cabinet and be gentle and try not to damage the wall surfaces.

Step 5: Remove the vanity cabinet:

Check the inside of the cabinet and determine at which places it is attached to the wall. Mostly the cabinets are fastened to the walls with the aid of screws that can be removed using a drill or a screwdriver. If you see any kinds of trim then remove it as well.

Use a flat pry bar and gently pry the cabinet out of the wall. Use a lever and place it against the block placed between the pry bar and the wall. All in all, make sure to not damage the walls by any means! Be slow as you pull the cabinet away and extra careful in safeguarding the valves.

A major upgrade can be given to bathrooms via the vanity cabinets. Contact a reliable and trusted cabinet maker and get your cabinet custom designed as per your budget, style, preferences and available space.

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