5 simple steps to change the background of an image in Photoshop CS6
For the beginner of the Photoshop users, it is a common mistake they do at the time of changing the background from an image. Though it is easy to change the background from an image with the help of Photoshop, I am going to discuss how to do the job perfectly with the help of Photoshop by following the below 5 steps.
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Step 1
First, open an image in Photoshop you want to change the background. Then, select the magic eraser tool from the toolbar menu.

Step 2

Then, begin to remove the background by clicking on the background part of the image. Set the tolerance to 19 and also tick mark of the anti-alias, contagious.

Step 3

Again, select the magic eraser tool from the toolbar menu. Then, continue to remove the background until you finish the rest of the image background. To get a better result, zoom in the image about 300% to 400% and remove the background perfectly. To zoom in the image, just hold on Ctrl + Z.

Step 4

Then, you need to resize the image to get a better adjustment. To resize the image, you can use the shortcut form- Ctrl + Alt + I. Next, you need to choose the move tool from the toolbar menu.

Step 5

Then, move the image to the image you wish to add as a background with help of the move tool. Play with the move tool until you get the best adjustment.
When you get the desired result you wish, save the image to any format as you wish such as jpg, png etc.


An image background can make your popularity up or down. It depends on how you make your photo editing work perfect. A high-quality image background makes your image more vivid, colorful and eye-catching. So, you need to take proper steps and tricks to get the best output.
Follow the above guideline step by step and apply it practically.
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Author's Bio: 

Andrew Philips is a professional graphics designer of 8 years working experience in photo editing. Now, he provides tips on photo editing for helping the beginner out. Also, he provides photo editing services.