Friendship can't exist if there is no trust running among the friends. Not only that, it pains at times to let your friends see up to your point of view without success due to lack of trust. There are many reasons that can cause friends to lack trust among themselves. This does not just happen by chance; it happens so with a cause for it. No one can live without trust. So if trust is lacking among your friends, know that, there is something wrong either in their part or in your part.

Before you can expect your friends to effectively trust you, you must show them that you are trustworthy and that you trust them as well. Trust is a risk but when it comes to friendship, you're more likely to make and keep a friend by trusting them than by being a pessimist and staying wary all the time.

How to build trust among friends

Building trust among friends is not all about telling them your trustworthiness, but rather, it's a form of practice and a gradual process that in return, bring out your trustworthiness. In my website, I gave detailed explanations how practical steps can be used to develop trust in any relationship. Below are some simple guides that you can follow in order to build trust among your friends.

1* Use phone call to build trust: Talking on the phone is an excellent way of getting your friend to open up and share new ideas and thoughts with you. The trick is to ask questions, to use your voice to suggest your emotions, and to try to be serious with them. All of these combined will allow your new friend to reveal things they are feeling at the moment. Eventually they'll confide in you and trust that you actually care about them.

2* Approach them with fair judgment: Judging your friends is not the best approach to make them develop trust for you and this happens especially with new friends. They may consider your advice as helpful but still they can turn around to say that you always think you know what's best for them and as a result, they may be afraid to come to you with any confidences. Instead, treat your friends fairly, with respect, and with dignity. Listen to their confidences in a supportive and fair judging way and given them your unconditional support is all you need to do.

3* Don't mock your friends: A person you don't know at the start is a person who will eventually want to confide in you. Teasing or making fun of them is not a good idea because a person who constantly makes fun of people is a person who can't really be trusted. If you tease a friend from the start, when that friend is ready to confide in you with something serious, they will not.

4* Avoid being demanding: Friendship is all about equal right. That is giving and taking and not about putting all your burdens on your friends' shoulder. Trust can be very difficult to accomplish when one friend demands too much time, comfort, support, or reassurance from the other friend.

5* Express kindness: Kindness is a large part of developing and maintaining trust among friends because in trusting your friends, you are giving them the impression of compassion and support. It is a great kindness to be able to readily show faith in people and support them even when they don't feel that same level of faith in themselves. It's this same factor that builds trust among friends.

6* Finally, in order to build trust among friends, you should try to share with them. This is nothing more than being nice to them, which is something we can do. This is nothing more than sharing your things, your time, and your dreams with a new friend is an excellent way for them to grow to trust for you. By doing this, your friends will continue to think about the all your goodness every now and then.

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