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Best SEO Writing Tips

Many successful content writers create articles thinking their website visitors will have the time to go through the entire page, reading patiently till they get to the point. The reality, however, could not be far from that.

While in print, we have the luxury to weave a narrative for our readers to enjoy, web content writing is completely different. In fact, web content is not read — it is glanced at.

So, if you’re planning to write articles to promote your online portal, here are 5 content writing tips for beginners that you must keep in mind:

  1. Your audience is not patient, so give them what they want quickly

That may not be the case each time, but it’s better to have a generalized idea about the attention levels of the people consuming your content- which is quite low. Visitors will take one look at your website and decide whether they want to continue on it or not.

So, how do you grab their attention as a web content writer? By putting the most important information you have to present attractively and most concisely possible, right at the beginning of the page. In journalism, this method of writing is called the “inverted pyramid”- the most important information is put first, followed by the other relevant content, and the minor details are put at the end.

  1. Keep your language simple

This is an effective content strategy for the web. You might be tempted to make jokes or use really complicated jargon in your web content, but remember that when your information is on the net, it is being seen by a whole variety of people- with varying levels of tolerance and vocabulary. If you want your content to be well appreciated, you should focus on keeping it as simple as possible.

  1. Keep it short and crisp

Again, your audience does not have the patience to read long articles and extended paragraphs. You or your content management system should avoid them at all costs. Instead, use keep your article short and your paragraphs shorter. Don’t include more than three to four lines in a single condensed paragraph, and address your visitor in the first person –‘you’, especially if you want to create engaging social media content.

  1. Use ample images and photographs

Don’t make your web page an array of words only. Sometimes, pictures get the point across far better than words ever will. So, if there’s any place where words can be replaced with images or video content, go right ahead. You’ll find more people interested in your content when you do this.


  1. Write SEO based content

If you want people to find you on the internet, you need to work on search engine optimization or SEO content. There are several ways in which you can do this while creating your content. For example, make sure you answer common questions asked by visitors and focus on one keyword for each page.


There is no such thing as bad web contentAll you need to do is remember that the people looking at your website may not be the reading type. In that case, you need to create your content in a way that appeals to them as well. These tips will help you develop your own digital content marketing strategy.


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A freelance digital marketer and content strategist with over 11 years of experience, Aanchal is also a trainer and forever in love with good content. The brain behind Content4brands and a performance manager for many companies, she aspires to keep enjoying her work, always.