5 Simple Ayurveda Tips to Remove Body Hair

Body hair can be a major headache for women, especially if there is excessive growth. It can be embarrassing as well as problematic, especially when wearing sleeveless dresses, halter necks, thin straps, short skirts and other such clothes that show a lot of skin. Even excessive facial hair can be very embarrassing as well as painful to remove. There are lots of methods to remove such unwanted hair but many of them have side-effects or affect the skin in some way or the other.

Ayurvedic tips to remove body hair

Ayurveda system has some techniques that can help with removal of excessive and unwanted body hair. These can help with facial as well as body hair. There are herbs along with some dietary changes that could help with this problem.

Turmeric: Make a paste of this powder and apply all over face and other areas where there is unwanted hair growth. It is a natural hair remover.

Turmeric and black gram powder: You can mix these two powders with water to make a paste and apply all over face. It removes excessive oil and prevents hair growth on the face.

Asokarishtam: Take about 25ml of this herb just before going to bed. It is known to be helpful in reducing unwanted hair.

Asoka gritham: You can take about two spoons of this herb twice a day, morning and evening. It reduces unwanted hair growth and makes skin better.

Diet: You should reduce the intake of foods that are sour or hot. Also, increasing your consumption of black gram is known to help.

These are some herbs and techniques that can help with reducing body and facial hair and make your skin more beautiful.

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