No matter how much artificial light you have in your home, it cannot replace the feel, comfort and look the natural light brings.The house with a little natural light feels,dull and dark and mundane.

The regions like The United States of America and Canada where the weather remains cold throughout the year, natural light is the most needed there. If you are living in a house where there is minimal natural light falling indoors, I know how it feels because I have lived in a windowless room for years . The absence of natural light does not make a home dark inside but also affects physically and mentally people living in it.
Therefore, Cbesthomes, the professional custom home building and remodeling company in Vancouver Canada, has brought you a handful of actionable hacks that will help harness the outside natural light inside your home.

1. Clean Window
Broad, clean and bigger windows are the most important thing to consider if you are lacking natural light in your home. Make a window on the wall that faces the sun the most. This will provide maximum duration to the sun to brighten up the rooms. Also do not use thicker curtain drapes because they absorb light and do not let it enter into the rooms. Instead, use lighter fabric curtains and keep them aside so that natural light keeps coming.

2. Light Furniture
Using light furniture is another good idea to brighten and lighten up your home. Most of the people think that maximizing the light in the rooms means removing all the furniture and keeping the home as spacious as possible. That is not true. What matters is how you place the furniture. Keep the furniture in the corners, away from the doors and windows, so that it cannot block the light coming into the rooms.

3. Skylights
There is no better hack than skylights to add natural light to your spaces. It not only improves natural light but also increases fresh air circulation, gives the sky view and enhances the aesthetic which proves to be adding a great value to the house at the time of sale. However, these skylights demand professional help during installation, because if not installed and sealed properly, water can enter the roof on rainy days.

4. Lighter and brighter exterior paint
Lighter exterior paint is undoubtedly the best way to enhance the overall look of the house as well as its brightness. Plus, a well maintained and well furnished exterior increases the curb appeal and adds to the value of the house. Along with lighter paint, also add reflective features in the rooms like flooring and artwork on the walls and they will reflect back the natural light within the space instead of absorbing it.

5. Add some greenery
If there is no option left, you can still count on green plants to add natural light. Greenery in your residence does not only freshens the surrounding and adds natural light but also increases the curb appeal. That said, if you are having heavily shaded trees outside the windows it can filter too much sunlight from entering. So trim the branches and let the rooms get enough sunlight.

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