When you have the haunting feeling that your spouse is cheating on you, that is the only thing that you can think about. You don’t want your greatest fear to come true but you worry that it may. The suspense is tearing you apart. You can’t even look at your spouse in the same way until you know the truth and you know that they aren’t going to come out and say it. It’s up to you to get the truth to come out and you have to make this happen now.

To detect infidelity in your marriage now, you need to learn these 5 signs your spouse is cheating on you. It is the only way that you are going to learn the truth. If they aren’t going to be honest with you then you need to take a stand for what is right and what is true. Bust that cheater in the act today.

1. They are never home. A person who is cheating will avoid the one and only place they feel the most vulnerable – at home with you. If your spouse constantly makes excuses as to why they aren’t home with you or you barely spend any time with them, it is probably because they are trying to hide something from you that they know will escape if they are alone with you.

2. There is no intimacy. If you and your spouse just aren’t intimate at all any more, then that is a sign that they may be cheating. If things have started to go downhill for a while now, that could have been the reason why they decided to cheat in the first place. They also might not have intimacy with you because they are nervous of being vulnerable and the truth coming out.

3. They aren’t where they say they are. If your spouse says they are going to be late coming home or out with friends, try to catch them in a lie. Show up to the office or try to call one of their friends saying that your spouse’s phone wasn’t working. If they aren’t where they say they are, then you know you are catching them in a lie and it will all come out soon.

4. You fight. If your spouse is cheating then they probably blame you for the reason as to why they did it. Therefore, they will have a lot of animosity towards you and it will probably rear it’s ugly head in the most random of situations. If they yell at you or pick on you for the smallest of things, that is a sign that something is going on.

5. They aren’t “all there”. You know your spouse the best and you know when you look into their eyes if they are looking back at you in the same way. If that spark or love just isn’t there any longer or they seem distracted, then you can tell something is up.

Instead of guessing what is going on in your marriage, you want to learn the truth and you want to learn it now. Let these 5 signs your spouse is cheating help you to

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Suspecting that your spouse is cheating can leave you feeling confused and alone. You may not think adultery can impact your marriage, but it can. Many men and women have no idea that their partners are being unfaithful. You can learn within the next few minutes how to catch your spouse cheating on you.