Regular shampoo and clarifying shampoos are two completely different products, and it's ok if you didn’t already know that! Of course, now you’re thinking “But they both have shampoo in the name, how can they be different? What does a clarifying shampoo do?”. Great questions! Regular shampoo washes your hair and makes it clean, but a clarifying shampoo, like apple cider vinegar shampoo, is specially formulated to really deep clean your hair, by removing product and chemical build-up from your scalp and hair shaft.

Here are five signs you are due for a clarifying shampoo:

You Suffer from Oily Hair and Scalp
Having greasy, slick or wet looking hair is both frustrating and embarrassing. Even if your hair type is oily, if you shampoo it regularly and your freshly washed hair already looks dirty, it is time to switch up your hair care products to an all-natural cleanser. While shampoo will wash your hair, only a cleansing shampoo will really make it look and feel clean again!

You Use a Lot of Haircare Products
Think about all the different products you use for your hair… oils, masks, leave in conditioners, dry shampoos, styling gels, heat protecting sprays and more. Some are good for your hair, and others are not, but either way, you need to know they all leave residue build up on your scalp. If you don’t wash it out, your hair and scalp will suffer.

You Have Dull, Limp Hair
While limp hair is commonly associated with fine and thin hair, there is no reason that you should not have a touch of natural volume in your locks. All hair types can lack volume, body and bounce, if you’re not using the right hair care products.

You’ve Been Swimming
Shampoo is great for washing away dirt and oil from your hair, but chlorine is a little trickier to get rid of, especially if you’re exposed to it regularly. Chlorinated water can cause significant damage to your hair, stripping the essential oils from your skin and scalp, leaving hair feeling dry and rough. It also can cause a chemical reaction to natural and colour treated hair, causing it to fade.

Your Hair Won’t Hold A Style
It is not a good sign if your hair won’t curl or style like it usually does. When your hair acts like this, its understandably frustrating, but why does it just feel so weighed down? This happens to your hair because your scalp can’t breathe, and its either because your scalp is overproducing natural sebum or there is too much product in your hair.

When it comes to a clarifying shampoo, you only really want to use it once a week, alongside your regular shampoo, or you risk damaging your scalp and hair. Apple cider vinegar shampoo is a great example of a clarifying product. Gentle enough to use on all hair types, it nourishes and stimulates the scalp, ridding it of excess oil build-up, and unhealthy bacteria. It will balance your scalps natural pH level, while repairing and revitalising your hair.

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This article is penned by Ally for Aquableu Shampoo and Conditioners. Aquableu brings a wide range of natural hair care products for all hair types.