Bad relationships are what everyone is afraid of having. The question is how are you going to know that you are in one? In this article I’ll share with you signs of unhealthy relationship. We all dream of being in a healthy relationship. This is what will ensure on the safety and development on your emotional, social and physical part of you.

I want to be frank with you; I have never been in bad relationship. I even don’t wish to be in one either. I also know that you don’t want to be in one. Stick with me from the start of this article to the end. This will enable you to know the indications of a bad relationship so that you can avoid them early enough. The earlier you get to know the situation you are in the easier it will be for you to evade that condition.

If you are mature enough you will be able to know when something is going wrong with your relationship. There are several things that will help you to know that the relationship you are in isn’t worth it. Do you know the signs that will help you know that you are in a bad relationship? If you don’t, don’t worry about that I’ll help you get the most out of this article. We all need to grow in every aspect of our lives and one of the things that will enable us to do that is the kind of relationships that we have indulged ourselves in.

The people we allow in our lives have a greater influence on the progress of our lives. If we choose to be in unhealthy relationships, this will not only destroy our personalities but also the steps in our lives that we are about to take. That is why it’s very important to know these signs because they have a huge impact on the kind of lifestyle we will choose to live in. It’s obvious you know that if you surround yourself with people who want the best for you—you will succeed easily. So, that is why the type of relationship we involve ourselves in matters a lot.

These are the early warning signs of a bad relationship. When you come across them in your relationship start to think of a way on how you are going to get yourself out it.

1. You feeling like you have to defend everything good you do.

This is a sign that you are in a bad relationship. Now, let me talk about this. We all know that we are always free to do anything good for ourselves and for the people we love. This is definitely something out of discussion. You don’t have to express yourself to your partner that you want to do something good for your friends. You are in a relationship and it has to bring joy for you. The moment you start to feel that you have to defend everything good you do for your relatives or friends then that is a first sign that you are in an unhealthy relationship.

Free-will should exist in your relationship. You should have control on anything positive you want to do without anyone questioning it. Why should you stick to such kind of a relationship whereby you have to restrict yourself on doing something that you love? In such a condition, you will not be in a relationship but you will be in a prison of your own emotions and feelings.

Your partner should never question you on anything good you decide to do for yourself or for the people you love. That should be on your free-will as long as it’s something that doesn’t affect your relationship negatively. Happiness is what we all want in our relationships and this can start to be achieved by our free-will on doing anything positive we want in our lives. When you have a partner who is always telling you to explain yourself on why you decided to do a certain thing that is good for both of you—then get to know that that isn’t a sign of a good relationship.

Your partner should always appreciate and encourage you to do more good in your relationship and for the people you care about. This is because that is a sign of a good humanity and that is what we all want in the people we are planning to spend our lives with.

2. Your partner controlling every aspect of your life.

This is a vivid sign that you are in bad relationship. Freedom is one of the aspects that bring happiness in our lives. The freedom of doing whatever you at any time should be a part of our lifestyle. This is because this brings excitement and joy in our lives. When your partner denies you this freedom by controlling everything in your life—then know that you are in a bad relationship. Why should someone wants happiness for you by controlling every aspect of your life? Is he/she your husband or wife?

Even if he/she is your husband or wife he/she still has no right to control every aspect of your life. You have a choice to do whatever you want with your life. It doesn’t mean that when you are in relationship with someone you should live under his/her radar. Being on surveillance twenty hours, is that a relationship or a prison cell? I wouldn’t want that in my relationship either. What will be the point of you getting into a relationship if this is what you are going to face for the rest of your life?

If you see this sign in your relationship, I’m sorry to tell you that you are in bad relationship. Commence on thinking of a way on how you can unhook yourself from that relationship before something bad befalls you. I agree there is a time control is better in certain situations. For example when you are not ok and maybe the decisions you might make might interfere with everything important that you have been doing in your life. Let me say if you also have an impaired judgment there is nothing bad with him or her controlling whatever you do.

Other than that, it’s not reasonable for your partner to control every aspect of your life. You aren’t a kid; you know what you are doing and what you are up to. Why should he or she control your life?

3. Your partner invading your privacy.

Damn! I can’t go with that. Even if you are my lover it doesn’t mean you have the right to invade my privacy. Let my privacy be mine. This is another sign that you are in an unhealthy relationship. Your partner should respect your privacy. He/she has no right to invade it. This is something that everyone is entitled to. It’s your choice to choose on whatever thing you want to hide from someone, and it’s also your choice to reveal anything you want to your partner.

There are some of the things that you will not be willing to share with your partner. He/she should understand that as long as the things you are hiding from him/her doesn’t affect your relationship in anyway. Your lover should respect that. He/she has no right to go through your phone and read every text you sent and received from your friends.

You all have to know this; when your partner doesn’t want you to go through his/her phone it doesn’t mean he or she is cheating on you. Anyway, why should you go through your boo’s phone? Don’t you trust him/her? It every difficult to love someone you don’t trust. You shouldn’t be in that relationship with that person.

When your partner tells you not to open a certain box that he/she kept on the shelf, you have to respect that. This is because even you are dating that person it doesn’t mean you have to go through all of his/her property. Everyone needs privacy. Let not the relationship be a reason of you invading your partner’s privacy. This is something no one would tolerate.

4. Your partner blaming you on everything bad that happens in your relationship.

This is an early sign showing that you are in a bad relationship. We all know that everyone has a duty in a relationship. Everyone plays his or her part to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the relationship. So, whenever anything happens in a relationship both of you should sit down and find an appropriate way of solving that problem. It’s not right for any of you to blame one another on something negative that happened in your relationship.

When your partner keeps all the blame on you for something that you all both did that isn’t a good sign at all. This means there will be a day he/she will put you in a situation that will affect your life completely. We want to be in a relationship with people who got our backs. Nothing is so good in this life than having a person who is ready to take you through all the bad things that happened to you without putting the blames on you.

I know in some cases it might be your fault that something bad happened in your relationship. A good lover will not let you die in guilty because of the something bad you did. He/she will console you and make you feel that it’s nobody’s fault that that thing have happened. Sh*t do happen in our lives that we will not always have control of. So, when you have a partner who is always blaming you on anything bad that happened in your relationship, I don’t think you are in a healthy relationship. This is a sign of a bad relationship—walk away from such kind of a relationship. You deserve better that that.

5. Your partner taking advantage of weaknesses to exploit you.

This is the kind of partner you should avoid at all cost; being in a relationship with a person who takes advantage of your weaknesses to manipulate you isn’t a good call to make. No matter how much that person may be showing love and affection to you. When you realize that he or she using your weaknesses to misuse you, there is no need to stick in such a relationship, which that is already a sign that the relationship you are having is unhealthy. I can’t imagine being in such kind of a relationship.

We have people out there living in such kind of relationships. They can’t get out from them because they think that they will never found anyone who can love them with the flaws they have. I just want to let you know that there are so many people out there looking for somebody with your flaws. They want to take care of you and make you feel special. You have to know that people will find something worthy in your weaknesses.

Which of the ways can someone use your weaknesses to manipulate you? There are so many ways on which someone may manipulate you using your weaknesses. Let me say when someone knows that you are turned off by some of his or her behaviors and he/she keeps on doing them, yet he/she knows how they affect you then that is a good example of weakness manipulation. Your partner should take care of your weaknesses and help you to make an improvement on them. You deserve to better in your life. You can have such a partner by starting to choose wisely on the kind of people you choose to allow in your life.

These are just few of the signs of a bad relationship I have outlined for you. There are so many signs like dishonesty, avoidance—when your partner always keep avoiding you whenever you have an important issue to address, insecurity—when your partner doesn’t trust you, over-dependence and aggressive behaviors. When you come across these signs in your relationship or in your buddy’s relationship advise him or her to start to let the strings go a bit by a bit. There are so many effects that can come from unhealthy relationships that you really don’t want to experience. In which I will share with you next time. Stay tuned on.

Learn from these few early signs of unhealthy relationship I have shared with you, share with your friends and the people you love to keep them safe and sound. We have responsibility for their well-being. If by any chance you know any other signs of unhealthy relationship share with me on the comment section.

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