Whether you are fresh out of college or looking for a new job after what’s felt like a very long time, we might as well be up front and honest with you and say that not all companies or BPO company out there are idyllic. They might have recognized brand names, but is their culture inspiring? Do they contribute to personal growth? And are their communication patterns effective? Here are a few things to watch out for when trying to spot a bad employer:

Application payment requirements. Applying for a job should never require you to pay thema fee. Neither should you pull out money just to be part of a company. I haveve experienced it firsthand. I was invited to an interview which turned out to be a networking scam which required interested applicants to pull out 280USD. I left immediately.

A grim work environment. When you go for interview take a look around you and get a feel of the work environment through its physical setting. Are the lights dim? What are their rooms like? Do you like the feel of their reception area? What about the colors of the room? Drab colors are tempting to fall asleep in. They can also weight a person’s mood down. A grim environment indicates poor employer care. If they can’t tidy up, then there must be other things hidden in the mess.

It’s just too good to be true. Companies are aggressive when it comes to recruiting. But when they sell themselves too hard and make promises that sound too good, you know you need to be cautious. With the flowery talk comes all the requirements and perhaps even a fee that they will as you to pay. Again, bad employment.

Limited information. Don’t you hate it when you’re being invited to something and yet you don’t know any of the details? Who are going to be there? What time? Attire? Well, with job interviews an employer who withholds information from you such as their business information and such is frankly, a little shady. If they aren’t giving you what you need to know immediately, you could be in for a sticky situation.

Poor communication skills. Imagine answering a phone call from an employer who can’t seem to express him/herself accurately or reading an e-mail that was poorly written. This exhibits poor communication and if they’re having trouble expressing themselves, what more their image with prospect clients?

Don’t take the job hunt for granted. And most of all, no matter how desperate you are for a job, keep in mind that the bad employers throw out whatever bait to get you to latch on. Be mindful of these tactics and of course be mindful of how they treat their people.

Author's Bio: 

Matt Hallaran is the founder of Sidekiiks Incorporated a BPO Company. Sidekiiks is an offshore outsourcing company that specializes in providing a wide range of business solutions such as Call Center Services, Executive Virtual Assistant & Online Marketing Management for lead generation to entrepreneurs and SME’s.