The unfortunate incidents of life make us acquire limiting beliefs which subconsciously dictate what we do or don’t do with our lives. Beliefs are a pattern of thinking that we allow to dominate our minds. Watch out for the limiting beliefs below:

I have a disadvantaged background

This is one of the top limiting beliefs people succumb to. Many people fail to achieve their dreams because they come from poor and uneducated families. Others hide behind political marginalization that occurred in the stone ages. Here is the truth you must believe: an entrepreneur is someone who makes money by running a business. Therefore, regardless of your financial or family history you can still start a business and run it successfully.

I do not have the skills to run a business

Everyone has a measure of talent to help them achieve their dreams. When you work with the one talent you have, you increase your chances of gaining more talents. The business world is an ever-growing world that provides countless opportunities for growth. Unfortunately you cannot acquire more business skills if you do not enter into business. You may make costly mistakes as you start your business, but if you convert those mistakes into lessons, you will become a business expert.

I am not smart enough

As the saying goes, “the race is not for the swift nor the battle for the strong, neither bread is to the wise nor riches to men of intelligence and understanding nor favor to men of skills; but time and chance happen to them all”. You can make it in life without possessing the special abilities other people have. Learn to use the insignificant skills you have and multiply them.

Many people fail in business

This belief creates fear which will cause you to have big admirable dreams but never do anything to accomplish them. It is true that people fail in business, but do not forget a large number of those who succeed. It is better to do something and fail than to do nothing at all.

My dreams are impossible to achieve

You are the only one who can believe your dreams and make certain they come true. No dream is too big to achieve. If you are dreaming it, you are the perfect candidate to achieve it.

The only way to reach your dreams is to push beyond your limiting beliefs.

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Debra Kasowski is a transformational speaker, author, and success coach. Debra is also the Founder/CEO of The Millionaire Woman Club. Debra Kasowski is best-selling co-author of GPS Your Best Life: Charting Your Destination and Getting There in Style and soon to be released author of The Entrepreneurial Mom's Guide to Growing a Business, Raising a Family, and Creating a Life You Love (Spring 2013). Get you Free Mp3 Download of the 7 Resolutionary Breakthroughs to Profit and Prosper by Taking Charge of Your Business and Your Life when you sign up for her ezine