Your ultimate goal when you operate a business website is to get maximum sales and profits from it. In order to do this, you need to have customers, and to get them, you must find as many was possible to always be generating new leads. One way to do this is by using your own website as a tool. There has been a two-page document released by Conversion Experts and SEOmoz that shows how easy it is to turn your landing page into a page that earns you lots of profits, and here are five excellent tips they have to offer:

Offer guidance instead of pushing sales: If you are pushy about your sales, but not offering any information to your customers that they are interested in, you are not going to get those all important sales. Take a look at SEO.moz and check out a blog called Whiteboard Friday. These are videos from the company founder, and he doesn't bother trying to sell anything, at least not in an overt way, and offers content that is informative and useful for readers. This is going to tempt more customers than being pushy about sales, which can actually drive a lot of people away, and into the arms of your competition. Offer guidance, help and information instead of out and out selling, and you will gain trust among your readers, and turn them into customers.

People believe what others believe: If you want to create a really great landing page that is going to get attention, you should consider using social proof to get the attention you are looking for. For instance, if you have been given press coverage, show it on your landing page. This will make you even more believable than if you were to just say that you have had press coverage. If people can see something, they are more apt to believe it. If you have been published elsewhere, name where you have been published, and have links when possible. Customer testimonials, especially video testimonials, are great to have as well.

Always provide a clear call-to-action: This is something that is important, but you need to know how to do it right. If you are not totally overt about it and just putting it right in your customers' faces, you can have as many calls-to-action you want. Be subtle, and don't push it, and you can have plenty of ways that your customers can end up doing exactly what you want: visiting your website and doing business with you.

Let customers know their purchase will be risk-free: Many people are still quite nervous about making purchases over the Internet, and you need to use your landing page as a way to let them know that when they are doing business with you, they are doing it risk-free. Offer things like money-back guarantees on your landing page, or other incentives, such as free or discounted shipping guarantees, a secured website, and other things that will reduce the risk of shopping online.

If you have big clients, advertise it on your landing page: It never hurts to do a little bit of name-dropping now and again, and your landing page is a perfect place to do it. If you have clients with logos, put those logos on your landing page to let people know that you do business with these clients. It is a great way to create a sense of trust and gain all kinds of new clients. You can also do this with the rest of your website, as well as your blogs and other pages you have.

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