Precision cutting tools are very important in the industry because they make work more efficient. Machine tools become faster and more stable when the cutting tools are in good quality.

The cutting industry is expected to grow more by 2024 because of the manufacturing demand. The APAC region has seen a rise in the operations of the metal cutting industry.

Modern technology has been upgrading wherein we have machine learning, AI, cloud computing, and new technologies. Today's tools need to be precise, and efficient.

Dry Machining

Some regions have imposed environmental restrictions that paved the way to dry machining to reduce

This is good when the parts need to be dry in the production process. This can be a common issue in the manufacture of a medical device because the cutting fluids and lubricants might contaminate the final product.

Geometric Progression

Rake face topography requires macro geometry. This is a next-generation advancement in tooling that has more control over geometry.  Take angle is the amount of slant between the cutting edge of the tool and the tool's top face.

Ductile Irons

These are also called nodular irons and are becoming more popular lately. It is pretty straightforward to work on it but there are custom tools needed.  It has high durability that is often used for car engine manufacturing. The edges are smoothened as the piece is finished.

Laser-beam machining

This is a new method for material removal where a high-energy laser beam is concentrated on a piece and the heat energy is transferred to the targeted surface. Through this method, both metallic or non-metallic materials are removed.

3D Printing

3D printers are available today but the industry still needs skilled people to work on larger projects that will ensure consistency to develop the right tools for the job.

The first printers can only print plastics and ABS-type materials but today, even concrete, wood, steel can be printed.  The latest growing trend is hybrid machining. It has traditional CNC machining and 3D printing to improve the development of a product. Manufacturers can have more power over the items they manufacture and they can make necessary changes as needed.

These technological advances may still need a lot of improvement. While they do not need to be applied right now, preparation is needed. The industry is moving towards the future and more. Please visit here to learn more:

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