It is in our face all the time. The attention grabbing headlines like “How to Lose Weight Fast” and “What Hollywood is Doing Now” are everywhere we turn. These are present in the weight loss clinic around the corner, the media hype about a new diet, and the magazine cover touting the success of a celebrity. The “answers” are flooding our society, yet we continue to add on pounds along with increasing levels of frustration and defeat. The promises are constantly made to us but the results aren’t sustainable. Our fast food restaurants have joined the marketing campaign and try to add ‘healthy” options to get us to buy their food. In reality, these foods should be called “Less Poor Options” instead of “healthy”.

We have done it all-restricting calories, counting calories, sugar free, fat free, low carb, no carb, and when the self discipline wears off we have dug ourselves an even deeper hole. Each time you diet you lose muscle mass which is later regained as fat. The cycle happens again and again, and we continue to get fatter and fatter over time. This is what is described as insanity: Doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

In 2010, not one of our fifty states had an obesity prevalence of less than 20%. One-third of all US adults are obese. The medical cost of obesity is staggering. In 2008, $147 billion dollars were spent on obesity related health care. The health consequence list is long, including an increased risk of: coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, hypertension, dyslipidemia, stroke, liver and gallbladder disease, respiratory problems, sleep apnea, gynecological issues, and osteoarthritis.

There are five reasons why you continue to diet but can’t keep the weight off. Don’t throw in the towel just yet. There is an answer!

In order to get the results you want, you need to reduce:
1. Daily Stress
2. Inflammation
3. Toxins
4. Calorie Deprivation
5. Hormone Dysfunction

It is time to take control of your health and your future. Don’t compare yourself to your overweight neighbor and convince yourself it’s not that bad. Our society’s new average is overweight. Average doesn’t equal healthy, average equals overweight on your way to obesity and disease if you don’t make the changes immediately! It’s time to set an example for your kids and grandkids. Now more than ever they need role models. Take control of your life by making the necessary changes. To begin enjoying the healthy mind and body you deserve, log on to to schedule your FREE consultation now!

Author's Bio: 

Crystal Shores has had such success in returning people to health because this is her passion. She does this by influencing a person’s body systems to work together, instead of manipulating just one aspect of their biochemistry. The whole body approach is what separates Crystal apart from other health care practitioners. She takes the necessary steps to evaluate what is truly happening in a person’s body, and designs a nutrition program based on their bodily function, and not a diagnosis.
While graduating at the top of her class Summa Cum Laude and completing a competitive Dietetic Internship, she followed her dream of being a business owner which gives her the opportunity successfully impact the lives of others as a Registered Dietitian. After her internship, she was introduced to Functional Medicine, and knew this was how she would realize her dream. She and her husband started what is known today as Dynamic Balance, which utilizes proven nutritional principles along with the cutting edge science of Functional Medicine to facilitate proper function within the human body.

Crystal is a dynamic and inspirational woman who has spent years educating herself and others on what true health is, and how to achieve it. She has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to make the necessary changes in a person’s life, because she has done it herself. She spent the majority of her 20’s having fun and chasing happiness through external means only to end up realizing that true joy comes from within. This realization came from experiencing pain and fear that no outside force could remove. The time came when she had to make the choice of what direction she wanted her life to take. When she stood at this fork in the road, she made the decision to go back to school to receive her second bachelor’s degree, in Dietetics. This ultimately led her to feed and nurture her body back to a healthy state. It is with this passion and dedication that she serves her clients to lead them to enjoy the health they deserve.

The road to health and well being is not always an easy one and it requires guidance and support. If it were easy, we would all be healthy. She hopes to guide others in achieving health from the inside out.