When you plan to move to Australia because your partner lives there or probably is a migrant, there is the need to undergo similar visa application process as everyone else. While having a partner living there becomes advantageous to a certain extent, things often tend to get complicated when the application gets rejected.

This happens when you apply for it all by yourself and not take help from a migration agent for a partner visa in Melbourne. They are the ones who ensure that your application is perfect and that all documents required are in place. Here are a few mistakes that most applicants make and end up spending a lot of money but to no avail.

You haven’t provided adequate information

When there are questions asked in the application, you need to help them with a proof that states the fact that is correct. For example, if they ask you about your marriage to your partner living in Australia and you reply with a YES, you need to help out with a proof of marriage in the form of a legal certificate.

Wrong information

In the application, they tend to ask you multiple questions, and you have to answer each one of them correctly, no matter how personal it gets. If by any chance they come to know of information about you that you haven’t helped out with or have given a wrong answer, you are likely to be charged with fraud and that result in the rejection of the visa application.

Not providing medical certificates

When it comes to applying for a visa to Australia, there is a need for you to undergo multiple medical tests that prove that you are in good health. When you do not provide this, there are high chances of your visa getting rejected by the authorities.

Inability to provide financial information

When you are moving to a foreign land, there is a need for you to provide proof of your financial status so that you have the financial stability when in Australia. It is either a statement that you obtain from your bank, or you give a self-declaration.

Not getting help from a migration agent

There is always the need for a migration agent for partner visa in Sydney when it comes to submitting visa applications. The sole reason being that they are aware of the rules and regulations that the department follows and know of tricks that can grant you the visa easily. They help you with filling the application form and that too correctly while also backing it with the right documents. They check every requirement well, and unless the file is ready, they do not give up.

Since there is money involved in the visa application process, there is the need to ensure that you put in the right effort and information and not help out with something that will reject the process. A rejection means wastage of money where you need to arrange for it all over again to put across a new application.

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The author has had experiences with getting assistance from a migration agent for partner visa in Sydney and writes this article to people understand why partner visa in Melbourne gets rejected.